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Journey of a programmer

Programming is the core for software driven society. Computer and internet has changed our life. But how a programmer made it. It is my story of my programming journey. 

Tuesday August 02, 2016,

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My journey to become a successful programmer not started with ease or usual way other do.

Due to some moneytery cause I took commerce at my HS and graduation. After completion of my graduation in B.Com I was trying to get a job. I didn't get any job. So started with teaching children. But I always fond of technologies especially Computer. I wanted to study Computer Science which was not possible due to my back ground of education [commerce] besides lack of money. 

In the mean time my maternal uncle has gifted me a old book of Basic of Computer Science. That change d my thinking in every way. I have decided to go for Computer study to know inside IT any way.

I took admission into PG diploma in System Management from a pvt institute. This 18 months course simply increase my knowledge hungry for Computer. 

After completing the course I have started working with Foxpro, Clipper ... programming at that time for many small companies and freelance projects. 

I continued studied in different computer languages [C++, Java, PHP] and tools while working for different small organisation at different places due to lack of stable and good company’s offer.

I had started working with VB and Sql Server [few months in Core Java] programming with small companies. After completing 3 years I have found that company mostly looking for Computer Science or Engineering Degree candidates.

I had no way to join full time courses due to lack of money and education back ground [B.Com with Economics and math].

I found that I can pursue MCA from IGNOU. But I have to do the admission course first CIC [6 month+] and PPC [advance Math for Computing along with MCA]. Which was a tough journey in both ways distance from home to Kolkata and syllabus with more science subjects. I completed CIC gracefully with good marks and started MCA [Master in Computer Application equivalent to BTech in some arena].

I continued working as Programmer or Tech Lead while doing MCA. When I completed MCA I already have 5+ years of experience in programming. After few more small jobs, got a good breaking points at 2004 and no move back since then.

One thing I need to tell that in India most of the big out sourcing companies like TCS, Infosys etc do not take IGNOU students as they do correspondence courses. Even they know that IGNOU’s evaluation process/questions are very high grade and tough to pass out.

I have worked with different team [both offshore and onsite], different tools, technologies and working ethics. Few year worked as Project Manager too. But found I am a technologist and like to become Architect.

I am continue working as Architect Engineering in Development with latest technologies. And still do programming for 70–80% time. I have been in on site in different EU countries for many times and experienced their working culture and way they work.

I want to continue with it as mastering in real life solutions for many different problems with different technologies. Yes still I am a programmer inside with lot of additional roles and responsibilities. I taught many learner and continue to help them.

Summary is if you learning something with heart and have reasoning power then programming is for you. Growth in respect of knowledge and reputation will continue. May be need much more labor and brain than a manager. As IT industry need real programmer all the time.

After 17 years of my career and programming journey I felt that in India opportunity is less for very senior and expert programmer than EU and USA. But still I am running to know more and more to solve complex need in optimized way.