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7 tips I learned while creating my own website

7 tips I learned while creating my own website

Tuesday December 05, 2017,

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Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our life without the internet. We chat, order any product and service, learn, share the knowledge, and lots other things via the internet. That's why I can't understand, why people have their own business, but still haven't shifted it to the internet.


Even if you create homemade soap, it is better somehow to advertise such product via the internet. For example, you can show your works on different social sites. But your business will be more trustworthy if you have your own site. And don't start to panic, it isn't so difficult, how can seem. Just follow my tips, and you will be able to create the awesome site.

1. Find the idea. If you already own some kind of business, it is not the problem for you at all. If you don't run any business, try to do a research and understand, what can be popular now, but where not so many competitors. The matter is that, no reason to go in the niche, where everything has already created (only, if you don't have the unique idea that can be distinguished from others).

This process is the longest and the most difficult. But be patient, because at the same time the idea is the most important.

2. Think about content. Before the site is created, you need to understand, what the goal of your site. Of course, most sites' aim is to sell. But you need to realize, how to do it. Maybe, you would like to provide for your readers the interesting blog that will urge on the purchasing.

3. Find a good copywriter. Lots people begin to do it when the site is almost ready. It is completely wrong! The good texts of sites can save even the bad site design.

4. Choose a website builder. There are many website builders that can help you to create the site even without any knowledge in this sphere.

5. Launch the site. Social networks will help you to advertise your site launch.

6.Support your site. It doesn't mean that if you've created the site it is the end of the work. It is only a start, indeed. Always update the current information on the site, provide new products the articles, make your site alive.

7.Speak with your readers. Try to answer your new customer or just person concerned within one day. So they won't forget your site and will return again if don't purchase at the first time.

Hope, these 7 tips are useful for you and you will create the awesome site for your business. As for me, I used to write some articles and reviews of products to many sites. But I am happy I stopped doing it and began to create my own site. It took lots time and energy, but it worths it. Now BestAdviser helps people to make conscious shopping. And I can't describe my feeling when I get messages from my satisfied clients.

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