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Why do businesses need to adopt IoT App Development solutions

Why do businesses need to adopt IoT App Development solutions

Monday January 29, 2018,

4 min Read

IoT is an inclusive network of connected devices, starting from household devices to industry appliances and buildings it is open to each and every application. The sensors, named as ‘dumb’ sensors implemented in these smart devices gather and exchange abundant data from every single connected device.

Seeing that the competition has become much tough than ever before, it is obvious to adopt trending innovations like IoT, so as to sustain in enormous competition.

As per the recent report, it is predicted that there will be about 50 billion connected devices by the year 2020 and the global IoT worth will reach around $6.2 trillion by 2025 due to the devices in healthcare and manufacturing.

IoT in terms of connected devices provides great visibility and analytics using which businesses will be to make the precise decisions at the right time, conserving the profitability and customer service. There are several other remarkable perks that IoT has been serving to myriads of businesses.

Here we are describing six most applicable benefits of IoT App Development , which will help you recognize why organizations from every industry must have to implement IoT solutions into their digital transformation approaches.

Original Source : Linkedin : Kirk Carlsen : Director of Product Marketing at Oracle

IoT  for Business
IoT  for Business

Key Benefits of IoT for Businesses

Staff Monitoring To Diminish Risk

Organizations can achieve better visibility for their worksites by connecting workers to wearable IoT. In hazardous circumstances, IoT helps companies to monitor the location, health, and compliance of individual employee to make sure about safety. The collected data aid businesses to perk up policies, stick to regulations, and avoid accidents. IoT-enabled work tracking and automation bring better productivity while decreasing costly mistakes.

Get Real-time Insights into Connected Assets

The real-time tracking of assets from connected devices allows organizations to get a better knowledge of where their assets are situated and how they are functioning. Whenever an asset requires defensive maintenance, it can automatically inform field service technicians to evaluate the situation. Insights obtained from connected assets facilitate companies to forecast maintenance and streamline their supply chain in order to augment overall customer experience.

Bring Improvement with Data Analytics

With connected devices, companies can re-examine their present business models and acquire fully innovative operating models. IoT significantly diminishes the barrier between the organizations and customers. By collecting data from connected devices and cycling that data back into the business, organizations will be able to make intelligent decisions to begin the services and impel latest innovations having the aptitude to meet expectations.

Increased Production

Since breakdowns are supposed to be very expensive for companies, all the equipment must have to work properly and seamlessly. The ability to get real-time data of how equipment are functioning allows organizations to instantly analyze any problem ahead of a disastrous breakdown which can decrease margins. IoT empowers companies to compare one factory to another and make suitable measures to make sure that all the production lines and factories are running efficiently. By firmly integrating these insights within a supply chain, organizations will be able to deliver the correct products at the accurate time and stay competitive.

Perk up Efficiency with Fleet Monitoring

IoT enables organizations to provide real-time insights into how their fleet is interacting with the environment and how it is being handled. By allowing connecting cargo and fleets with IoT, companies are able to keep their equipment on the road and enhance customer experience with better ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) forecasting while reducing needless costs. With IoT, businesses can also track driver activities and use data analytics for predictive maintenance.

Increase Visibility Of Business Functions

With the help of billions of connected devices which broadcast potentially essential information, organizations can leverage market awareness and measure their business performance. Due to the development of digital business, operating models are turning to get business worth and competitive demarcation from predictive and visibility capabilities. IoT is the digital means which brings all siloed functions together.


The evolution of latest technologies like IoT, Big-data, and AI has been bringing new opportunities for global enterprises. Their major offerings including enhanced security, lower costs, better customer experience, and higher revenues empower businesses to make most knowledgeable business decisions.

Before adopting such technologies, businesses first need to completely understand what problems they are attempting to solve and know how latest technology solutions can aid them to tackle these problems. 

If you need any thing regarding IOT You can contact | Kirk Carlsen  | Director of Product Marketing at Oracle