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My Fight Against Cancer

Monday May 22, 2017,

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My Story

When I first coughed blood, I decided to consult my family doctor. There have been many instances of blood cancer in my family. So, I decided not to take a chance. I was 20 years old at the time when I was diagnosed with cancer.

After consulting with my family doctor, I decided to take a second opinion from a local surgeon in Apollo Hospital. As per my view, it is the best cancer hospital in Mumbai. I was advised by my friends and family to go abroad for my cancer treatment but after doing some research I got to know that the cancer treatment in India is on par with some of the best in the world.

I was residing in Kolkata at that point in time so I flew to Mumbai with my father, we were picked up at the airport and the accommodations were made for a week and a half. We consulted different oncologists and got the tests done.

After that, I decided to pursue treatment at the new facility of Apollo Hospital located in Navi Mumbai. Since it is considered as one of the best cancer hospital in India by many top oncologists.

During the treatment

I had a stage 3 cancer and had to go through surgery. After surgery, I had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation.

It caused extreme fatigue and sensitivity to cold. I was prepared for the side effects of the treatment since I had seen it in my family before. I had to follow a strict diet routine consisting of fruits, protein shake, and bananas.

The surgeon and radiation oncologist were on the same team, discussing my treatment. The hospital went out of their way in providing best possible care. The radiation team stayed overnight when I needed.

I was extremely frustrated with my condition and could not recognise myself. I lost all my hair and became extremely fragile due to the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. But, I had the support of my family and close friends which really helped me to get through these tough times. I decided to continue working even during my treatment and did not want to stay at bed. My co-workers and colleagues were inspired by my ability to continue with the work despite my illness.

It is important to stay positive for a cancer patient as well as for the families of the concerned. We all have tough times in our life but it is important to keep fighting it. Cancer drains you mentally and physically but it also teaches you the value of life. I am extremely grateful for the support I received from my near and dear ones. I would also recommend Apollo Hospital to others who are going through this disease. As per me, it is one of the best cancer hospitals in India. They could not have done any better in communicating, diagnosing, and treatment of cancer.