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Indian Selfie Social Networking Website Startup by a Woman Entrepreneur - Abhinetri Pogul - Chairperson (Hiselfies)

Can a women be a Successful Entrepreneur in this otherwise male-ego dominated Business world? 

Indian Selfie Social Networking Website Startup by a Woman Entrepreneur - Abhinetri Pogul - Chairperson (Hiselfies)

Sunday July 10, 2016,

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amma devi

When dreams shatter, it is time to make weave new dreams and start moving again. Every success starts with a failure, especially for a woman. Being an woman entrepreneur is different from being a Successful Woman Entrepreneur. 

I am from Hyderabad, always wanted to become a successful women entrepreneur and not just a woman entrepreneur. My journey as a woman entrepreneur has just started. In today's world there are many opportunities knocking around , successful opportunities depends on taking right decision at the right time. 

To make my dreams come true, I worked for 16 hours a day for more than a year. I couldn't quit my job due to financial commitments and had to walk towards my dreams. It took 10 years for me to learn about the evolving Business world, market trends, and different areas. I am from Finance background and has got 10 years of corporate world experience in. I wanted to move out of the corporate world and set up my own kingdom where I will be the Self made woman. It wasn't that easy to quit my job and start a business. I had many ideas initially like a girl next door, setting up a boutique, beauty parlour, or bangle store. I researched a lot for 2 years on all these ideas and finally ended up with a different idea and stream. That's how idea of Hiselfies website and App came into existence.

 In this today's world everything is changing so quick, every day there is a new idea and trend comes into light. Such trending thing among this new generation is Selfies. There used to be days, where we hired photographers to snap our family pictures, portraits, wedding pictures, etc. Now a days with evolving technology photographer is in our hands, in simple words our fancy mobile gadgets. Thanks to new innovations and technology. Anywhere and anytime in the world we can pose and click selfies. We observe that everyone is going mad over selfies and what do they do with those? Upload in Facebook for likes, more likes, more popularity for our image. Now a days our popularity is judged by more likes for our pictures, precisely for Selfies. I thought why not use Selfies as a Platform to promote different social causes and other things which are helpful for society apart from promoting brands and organizations.

 After observing this trend in 2014, an idea stuck into me and my partner's mind on how about creating a social networking app only on Selfies. This is how journey began in the year 2014, I was only with idea to have a website and App on Selfies, but did not had answers for how, where, what and when to start. It was like a Maze where I looked around and found no clues, no wayout. Started to work on my dream to build the first Indian selfie social networking App. To start any business, need to have a company, its logo, and all kinds of legal formalities. Step by step started working on each aspect by researching on internet and by going through many articles on how to go about at every step. Thanks to online resources where the research world was made easy. After initial steps were completed, started to put the idea on paper with designs, color combinations, draft copy on how the website pages should appear. Though not from any IT background, I learnt all this things from various online resources after my office working hours. I learnt them day by day and started to implement on paper, such that now the idea is on paper, now its turn to search for developers who can develop the idea into reality. It took quite sometime to find developers under my budget, work started, I felt happy that slowly idea was turning into reality, then had to see a pause as the end product was totally different from what I wanted in reality. Four months of effort and time got ruined. I was shattered for few weeks, then uplifted my confidence and started looking out for a new developers. Got into a agreement with a website development company and they promised to deliver it by 90 days. Again, my confidence levels started to rise and was hoping for the best. On 90th day, deadline date, the company revealed that they did not even started any work. It was a shock with surprise that, I had to explain the concept to new team all over again. Every detail part had to be explained to men around and had to deal with all their ego issues. It took 9 months for them to complete 80% of website and still everyday had to test the website and it wasn't free from issues from sign up page after 9 months. Everyday 11am to 8pm I worked at my employer and from 9.30pm to 2am I worked on website testing, designs, ideas, strategies, etc. While all my friends and family enjoyed the routine weekend getaways, I was in my room sitting in front of laptop for testing and explaining the modules of website to developers. Even after spending whole 9 months like this, the website was a disaster and one more pause in my journey. I got disappointed and shattered once more. 

After one month starting back to search for developers, Finally found a bunch of freelancers, been through the same process again, explaining the concept, testing, changes, designs, APK files, etc. Finally, the website and App are up and running. Started working on it in 2014 and I could see idea turning into reality in 2016 January. Now, finally I could see my website and App in the market - www.hiselfies.com

Being a woman, dealing with all bunch of men around wasn't easy. At times, you need to be silent to show how patience a woman can be to achieve her dreams. I believe in one thing Never give up, never say never. Though I failed for initial 2 times, 3rd time I gave myself boost and courage to start all over again and see why it can't happen. Here I am with so many struggles, still struggling to promote the concept of Hiselfies and a million thanks for all those who are coming to help in my journey.

Hiselfies, is into promoting many social awareness programmes through Selfies as a platform. Currently we are running Green Selfie contest to promote Clean & Green Environment in association with Telengana Government.

About Hiselfies

Hiselfies, a destination to celebrate with Selfies, with a unique concept of being the first exclusive social networking app dedicated to cater the new trend of Selfies. Hiselfies allows the user to mingle with friends, and have a gala time by participating in various themed Selfie Contests, share it with the world and get crowned to be the Winners. Selfie contests will be conducted by Brands, Organisations, Corporates, Individuals, Events, Companies and many more.

With Hiselfies you can capture, upload, share & crown (rate) selfies, comment & compliment, and follow & be followed on your latest selfies. You can instantly share your Selfies on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp and many more.

Every Selfie uploaded in contests, will be rated based on the crowns received and the time uploaded. Hiselfies app, through auto mechanism, declares the Selfie with more number of crowns as winner of the contest.

A New Direction with your Selfies: Shop with your Selfies: At Hiselfies user will earn virtual reward points which can be redeemed for coupons with online activities such as sign up, uploading Selfies, getting crowned, winning the contest and much more. All these added reward (credit) points can be used to redeem Shopping coupons in Hiselfies app or website.

Unique Profile Update Feature: Hiselfies is delighted to introduce first ever unique feature of automatic profile picture update, this is a first and only on any social network so what are you waiting for signup today and share us with all your friends and help us go viral.