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My Superb Deal,My 1st Startup

My Superb Deal,My 1st Startup

Saturday October 29, 2016,

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hiii... i am Divesh Diggiwal,

i m doing engineering at university collage of engineering kota, in 3rd year in electronics branch.

i & my classmate friend lalit sain make a cashback site for our collage students. who purchase things online. and we give cashback as cash for our collage students,who purchased through our site.

And the site name is MySuperbDeal .


Make Your Deals Superb On MySuperbDeal

features of mysuperbdeal(msd) :-

1. India's Highest CashBack Giving Site :- b'coz i don't want earn too much money from this site.i want just a successful startup and i don't think a successful startup means a huge amount of money.i want wishes,love ,chums.............so i return mostly referral fee to students.

2. Shop By Store Or Produtct :- on msd students can shop their products by store links or product link. benefit of product links is that every product has fix amount of cashback that display on site and students can compare price on different retailer stores.and on shop by store cashback percentage is display by category of products. 


3. Compare Prize On Each Store :- on msd students can compare products price on different stores. 


4. CashBack Confirmation In 2 Days :- cashback of products has been confirmed in just 2 days after placing order.confirmation of cashback is notified by mail to students.

5. CashBack In 10 Days :- after confirmation of cashback,msd give cashback in just 10 days.

6.CashBack As Cash/Digital Cash :- msd give cashback as cash and in digital wallets like paytm/freecharge. students can choose that how they want their cashback.

7. Request For A Products :- during collage times not possible to add all online sites products to my site. so msd allow students to that they can request for products. msd will add their products on site with all different store prices and fix amount of cashback.

8. Make Deals Superb On Whatsapp & Fb Messanger :- the best feature of msd is that msd allow students to send their wishes products screenshots on whatsapp & fb messenger.whatsapp number of msd has been posted on msd site. and for fb messenger send message/screenshot on msd facebook page. in reply msd sends students products links .students can purchase through these products links and can get cashback.

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as soon as this site is also available for kota's other collages students & peoples and in some other cities.

i also want to launch this site on all other collage.but i will start its range first on these collage where my other chums are studying.

the best thing of this site that gives me proud & magnificence that i make whole site from starting of domain purchase and giving of cashback to someone.i also give this site credit to google & wordpress who helps me....a lot

Make Your Deals Superb On MySuperbDeal