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Progressive Web Apps- Future of Mobile App Development

In this write up, we will be discussing all about the these new in trend web applications which will be rocking the world of mobile application development in the near future.

Progressive Web Apps- Future of Mobile App Development

Tuesday July 03, 2018,

5 min Read

Progressive Web Apps

We have heard so much about Progressive web development until now that you must be very curious to know about the benefits it serve over the traditional mobile apps! In this write up, we will be discussing all about the these new in trend web applications which will be rocking the world of mobile application development in the near future.

We can simply vouch for the fact that progressive web apps give a real progress to any business or an organisation looking to serve something exciting to the customers or the end-users.

Which factors are the most important to impress your users?

We simply can’t deny the fact that it is the speed and the performance that play a significant role. If a company or an organisation decides to get a PWA made for their venture, they can be vouched for the success in no time! Yes, it is that a powerful means of providing something so futuristic to the users of your brand or company.

Before you keep drooling over this new form of technology in the mobile app development world, let’s have a look at the awesome benefits that PWA come with:

What are Progressive Web Apps by the way?

Have you ever imagined a website would behave like an app? It may look like a weird idea to some but the scope is exorbitant! The innovation which can be shown and created by the web app developers is just beyond any limits. So, web apps came 2 years ago. They are currently in the trend, every mobile app development company is keen on catching this trend so that they can offer the best solutions to the clients across various niche brands around the globe as well.

There are some seriously amazing features of progressive web apps that would put you in awe! It can work in offline mode. Yes, you heard it right. Technology has always put us in shock. This fact is equally stunning. The screen of a web app when accessed on a desktop or laptop looks like a mobile app! It works like a mobile app, it sends push notifications also.

No doubt about the fact that these apps which run in the offline mode give an ultimate user-experience to the end-users of the app. This is the only motive of every company in the world that they should be able to reach the maximum target audience globally in the most accessible manner possible. Maybe, the progressive web apps fulfill this criterion for sure.

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Benefits of getting PWA for your business:

1. Offline access: A web user sometimes has to experience a lot of trouble when it comes to browsing on the internet on the websites. Thanks to the poor internet connection or the slow speed. Progressive web apps cover this limitation of the websites because it can be accessed in offline mode also.

It simply means that the users will be engaged with the app for more time because the internet troubles will not affect anything. When the user-experience will be unhindered and flawless, it would mean more profit to the company of the progressive web app. For e-commerce, people would be able to see the products without internet connection also!

2. Attractive App design: Why the progressive apps will be popular with the companies is sure because of the offline mode of the apps. Another amazing feature of these apps is that the developers and designers of these apps can create the web app with some amazing looking app-like designs to attract the customers and clients in the best possible manner.

As many frameworks and programming languages can be used to create some of the best looking web apps with excellent features and functionalities at the same time.

3. Optimized performance: No doubt about the fact that the PWA is the future of mobile app development for sure. There is still one more reason we would state here and that is the apps created would be more steady and fast. The features and functionalities will be more dynamic and optimized and the user will be able to perform the actions on the apps more fastly.

4. No lengthy installation needed: Of course, you have to choose which web app you want to install on your phone but there is completely no need to wait for the whole lengthy installation process. The App Store access by Google is not required by any means. The developers will not need to submit their apps for the use.

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In a nutshell, the web apps cover all the limitations of an app as well as a website, thus they are aptly named as the web apps! Such is the power of future of mobile app development.