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6 Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Ionic 4 Beta

6 Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Ionic 4 Beta

Wednesday October 17, 2018,

6 min Read

ionic 4 beta
ionic 4 beta

Wow! I am thrilled to go to say about some new trending talks. But First, Are you still using Ionic 3? (Stable release)...!

(Umm) But this is time to stop using old version; (yes) here you can use Ionic 4 Beta (Brand new) version in smashing next second.

Using, resourcing, and representing over’s a year, it’s worth of work, now live to trend, make trending, and develop trending things using ‘Ionic 4v Beta’ in the most simple, high performance, and time-saving way.

Well, annoying Ionic 3 (which will definitely go to happen), now use its great and unheeded features with an open hand.

Due to improvement in technology and move forward with underlying techniques, here you can master the brand new 4 Beta. Ionic 4 brings the more superior and energetic hardcore performance, powerful theme capabilities, multi-platform capability and a lot more waiting in the portal. And, despite with all of its significant features like illustrious improvement and workload capability, Ionic 4 is the easiest upgrade process (now the time)!

If you want to embrace the modern and upgrading world, here the time calling you, use modern Web API such as Custom Elements, CSS Variables, and Shadow DOM, do completely mess with this Beta framework at the first core.

There is so much (developers) will go to open the big basket stuff with ionic 4, but don’t forget it is still in beta mode. So, you will not go to learn so much about it. But whatever the cost will be, you can explore a lot of about it in minutes of second with this (blog).

So, continue to read and check the spike mention in the blog...!

Well in this blog, you will go to learn and earn about its good wishes features and upbringing goals with its walkthrough words (stay connect to learn)

Before concluding its superior changes (which is unsound yet), please look at on its goals first...!

Goals of New Ionic 4 Beta [What Should You Reckon]

Well, there is no doubt to assume that Ionic 4 will be great in comparison (2) its previous versions. Its simplified goals will help you to achieve more in less time which is appreciable from the count of developers and Ionic App Development Company.

Let’s know the goals of its new glance: -

1. One Hand, Multiple Supports

The developer can easily and frequently build and deploy apps that work and support across multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and as well as web progressive app – it is an acronym to say, ‘write once, run anywhere’.

Well if you want to know more about, WPAs (Web Progressive App), you can check my most readable blog – “SAY HELLO TO PROGRESSIVE WEB APPLICATION – A GENERAL AND PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION TO PWAs”

2. High Results with Reliable Technologies

Ionic is always based and support good web standards web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With that, developers or any other knowledgeable writer can use its modern APIs in the simple and reliable way.

3. Complement Design

Beautiful, simple, and functional is the word of Ionic (to pronounce) it is complement to work and display complex box system in most beautiful manner across different (all) platforms. It allows you to pre-design your component or other stuff in a gorgeous way.

4. Simple is Awesome

Developers want the simple and easy framework to create one outstanding application for web or for mobile based. So, if you want that Ionic well played here, it is easy to learn and accessible to anyone (the person with little and correct knowledge of Ionic) can be useful and develop easily.

6 Glances of New Ionic 4 Beta You Didn’t Know About?

Open source Ionic Framework is a UI toolkit for building high performance, high-quality mobile and desktop application using web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

In, Ionic 4 Beta you can go to use these top 6 glances which are outlined below:-

1. More Stable With Web Standards

4 Beta is going to be more stable and powerful than before; it is rebuilt from the nut ground using Web Standardize technologies (which I discussed earlier). It keeps each component in associate packaged as a Web Standard Component. Due to its friendliness work features it relying solely on the APIs browsers to keep each component stable.

2. Use Web Component (for-the-win)

As Ionic 4 Beta framework improved in the web standard region, here the official source owner of Ionic developed a responsive tool that is called Stencil to help to avoid framework churn.

Through Web Components it pushes more work to the portal which requires less code, bringing key performance to load up fast in less period of time with crucial Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

3. Increase More Compatibility

Previous Ionic is based on to serve the best experience of the API, but till now, Ionic community more emphasis on the UI (side), it is great news to hear that it can now work on large and complex technologies which something developer want to appeal and use (until now). Without updating frameworks developer can use architecture to make continuous internal improvements.

4. Radiant Angular CLI and Router

There is a lot of lag and un-avoidable churn happens when we back with Ionic 2, but moving forward and compare with that, it is time for enjoyment to take command with Angular CLI and Router.

Starting with Ionic 4, it fully cuddles with Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) and Router. With timely updates, you can replace ‘ionic-app-scripts’ with ionic router officially.

5. Easy Migration Process with v4

As easy migration feature is although there in ionic v3, upgrading into Beta v4 it just increases the time (fast). But be remembering it is still in Beta mode, which means a lot of patience and testing due at edge end.

The changes made in migration feature are exactly to transits Ionic App to Angular Apps.

6. New Documentation (Re-design)

Well, a lot of true words can be heard in the market is that Ionic having some best contain documentation of any open source project. But only Ionic documentation is not living in the market (there are bundles of documentation available in the market), so it becomes hard to update and maintain which leads to getting turnover in the users.

To provide the best result to ionic app development, Ionic v4 Beta comes with a lot of improvement plus re-design facilities with new documentation.

Smashing Up!

Ionic v4 Beta is come with somewhat and something new upcoming shift, which will go to blow the Ionic developers mind.

But, don’t think that Ionic v4 will play all major and significant functions, this blog is just about the v4 glance (there is more to test and more to come out)...!