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6 Ways to Discover your Competitor's SEO Strategies

6 Ways to Discover your Competitor's SEO Strategies

Monday August 26, 2019,

4 min Read

Competitor research is a crucial part of a strong marketing strategy. Basically, if you can't identify your competitor’s website and their tactics, it will be tricky for you to present your product in the market. In an intriguing way.

SEO Strategies

Do the other marketers identify their opponents and their SEO policies? And if they do? Then how? For such a process, you need to research your competition and route it into powerful marketing that can satisfy your customer's needs.

Here, are some smart strategies which SEO Companies can use to find out the best services: 

1. Find your Competitors

SEO Companies

Finding your competitors isn't complex. The first thing you need to do is to seek your rivals.

You also need to understand your product and know the value of it, so that you can convey it to your audience. You are not in competition with local brands but with large companies from all over the world. Find out what keywords your competitors are using and target those keywords.


2. Track Competitors Keywords


When you understand the keywords of your adversaries, it will help you find new possibilities for building your SEO strategy and improve your Google ranking. There are various ways through which you can monitor your competitor's keywords. Check the source of their code every week to see if anything is updated in their list.


3. Use Keyword Insights to Improve SEO


Based on your competitor's keywords, you will able to rebuild and improve your SEO services, especially when it comes to content marketing. When you monitor the keywords, you will be able to discover opportunities to improve your content and the strategies to apply.


SEO services

There are specific keywords that can help you rank better. Look for ways to improve your content marketing strategy and make it better than your competitors content.


4. Discover their backlinks


Link building is more important than the on-site SEO. After all the website building and adding quality images, if you don't have other websites link to you it is incomplete. You can reach out to relevant websites in your industry and earn more backlinks to your content.


For a more unique approach create high quality images and infographics for your blog. Now every month, do a reverse image search for your pictures in Google. This will aid websites linking back to you. With such a way, you can get free backlinks with little effort.


5. Learn Target Keywords


Target Keywords

Now, if you don't have any rankings, but you have a list of target keywords. You can find who your top competitors are. Navigate through your competitor's discovery tab and track the domains that appear in their report. This will provide you with the most visibility for your list of targeted keywords in the preferred location.


6. Create More Content


Writing the content on the same topic will give you a higher chance of ranking. You can write about 2-5 blogs post for a particular item. Doing so will add keywords and the more the keywords, the better your website will be at ranking. So, find new angles on one particular topic.



If you already have content targeting keywords, you could always look for ways to improve and make it better!


When it comes to SEO strategies of your opponents, it is undoubtedly essential to approach competitive analysis strategically. Use all the tools to develop a better website through the understanding of your competitors. Build a stronger marketing tactic based on your knowledge.




SEO is one of the most crucial things for marketing strategy and it always keeps on changing. The reason being on how quickly search algorithms evolve, it is challenging to keep up with it. The newest best practices, especially when you have various other options to manage.