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6 Ways You Can Improve Your Employee Experience

Employee experience is as valuable as customer experience in the business world. Here we will look at the 6 useful things you can do to improve the employee experience.

6 Ways You Can Improve Your Employee Experience

Thursday March 07, 2019,

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Generally, we experience people talk a lot about improving ‘customer experience’. From online retail stores to service-oriented business, you will always find people on different platform discussing to improve customer experiences.

But, what about improving employee experience? Don’t they play a major role in providing our companies with higher earnings and increasing profits?

Similar to customer experience, employee experience is equally important. It’s about how they experience at work and how they feel about working at a company. From management to HR, employee experience is crucial for any business success.

So, how can you improve your employee experience? That can ultimately benefit you, an employer. Well, here are 6 ways you can do to improve your employee experience at your workplace.

1.   Communicate With Them

Communication is an important growth tool for any business type. Unfortunately, not all companies put as much energy in utilizing this tool internally as they do externally. This is when they find difficulties in running their day-to-day business operations smoothly.

Your employees are a key stakeholder of your company. They are also an asset for your company that can increase its value and provides you with profits when you invest in them. That’s why make sure you communicate with them from time to time. Share news with them - despite good or bad, communicate your company values, and hold regular meetings with them even just to get their input on a new business project or a proposal.

Make sure you are available to communicate with them through emails or calls. Find out what motivates them at work and say thank you when they submit their assigned task on time.

2.   Take out Time to Celebrate

Employees always feel good when their achievements are celebrated. They feel pleased working with an organization that recognizes their accomplishments and give them some sort of recognition. It doesn’t end there; they feel that their organization values them which motivate them to even work harder in the future. 

Being an employee it’s very important for you to celebrate individual and team achievements, and even better if you celebrate employee birthdays, promotions and anniversaries. No, it doesn’t have to be a party every time, having a cake would just do fine when you are celebrating an employee birthday. The thing more important is recognizing their achievements and remembering important dates in their life. Not only it increases their sense of belonging for your company but it will help you both grow together with time.

3.   Give Them Time to Learn

In theory, plenty of organizations set a decent amount of time for employee personal learning and development. However, in practice, it becomes impossible, since work gets in the way.

Learning at work can be great for employee performance; hence it enhances their skills and also their confidence. By fostering a commitment to learning and offering incentives for the same, will increase in your employee commitment to work and they be happy to invest time and effort on your company as you are investing in them.

It’s not difficult particularly for large organizations to give employees an hour a day to invest in their learning. Not only it will benefit them, but it will ultimately be helpful for your organization in the long run.

4.   Make Operations Easy For Them

Surely we have technology that can help us to simplify different tasks at work. However, at times we use the same technology to over-complicate them. Take at your company standard of procedures (SOPs), and see what can be simplified. Your employees feel delighted when you make procedures simplified and easy for them. That way they feel more supported and give more input in their tasks assigned.

Instead of long approval procedures, implement short and quick procedures. Instead of filling a long vacation, use a calendar invite the manager can approve or deny. And allow mobile printing so your employees can print any important document directly from their mobile devices.

You would be surprised at how many ways your employees get the benefit when you streamline their everyday operations.

5.   Encourage Diversity

Companies that practice hiring for diversity are more likely to improve their perspectives and problem-solving abilities. In recent research, it has been found that companies that encourage diversity in hiring employees were more successful in decreased employee intent to leave, increased employee motivation, lower absenteeism percentage, and increased talent retention. In addition, the same results also suggested that companies that have a diverse workforce were significantly better when it came out to compare client satisfaction with companies that have employees with similar skill sets.

Employees today are interested to work in companies that value their creative thinking, and when you have a creative workforce in your company you will find yourself doing better than your close competitors.

6.   Help them in Achieving Their Goals

A number of companies quit their current jobs when they don’t find themselves growing in a company. Like everyone else employees too have goals that they constantly look forward to achieving. They want their work as a part of their life goals. And if your organizations won’t help them to reach closer to their goals, than it won’t be long till you find quitting the job.

If you know what your employee goals are, and your company has the capacity to help them achieve it, consider on the job training and support. If you have employees that are goal oriented and you can help them achieve those goals, the same employees can help you get your company’s goal as well.

Consider true learning and mentoring culture in your company that can help those that want to get their goals. Let them find every next step of their career path in your company than a perceived ‘dead end’.

Your employees are the most important asset of your company. You should try to give them the same experience, as you would like to give to your customers. Create an experience for them that include learning opportunities, career growth, recognition, continuous communication, and encouragement.

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