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The transformative power of higher education: 5 keys to success in life

The transformative power of higher education: 5 keys to success in life

Tuesday January 30, 2018,

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The times in America are changing. With this change, earning a living is getting harder while the unemployment rate is skyrocketing each day. The decision to pursue post-high school education is one that should be put much thought into. As much as there are many factors to consider before making deciding to pursue higher education, the bottom line remains that it invariably leads to better career prospects and quality of life too. In the modern society, employers are also recruiting those who have the most to offer. This is the sole reason why higher education is of more value than gold.

Here are 5 keys to success in life:

1. Career Preparation

In many quarters, career preparation has the acknowledgment for seeking higher education. Unfortunately, at age 17, not many young people are sure of which career path to follow. Many major universities have come to understand this and discourage first-year students from declaring a major up until the year is over and in others, their sophomore years. Regardless of whether you are sure of your goals or not, the academic environment offers you the opportunity to explore your career options while in the process of making that choice.

2. Extensive Practical Benefits

As opposed to those with a high school diploma, when you pursue higher education, other vital benefits will align with your lifestyle. Such areas of interests include:

Economic - The yearly income median for a high school graduate is $35,000 as opposed to $44,500 for a graduate with a 2-year associate degree. The graduate salary will naturally be more. For student loans, it is evident that the degree holder will be in a better position to clear the credit.

Civic involvement - Those with degrees tend to be more current on political issues than those with high school diploma alone.

Health - The lifestyles changes also differs. 8% of degree holder’s smoke compared to 25% of those with high school diploma.

3. Personal Benefits

Not all skills are attached to the career path that you will follow, but that does not make them less critical. These skills come naturally to you as you continue your education. They are as equally essential in your life. Such benefits derived from successful higher education include:

Better communication.

Identification skills.

Realizing different passions.

A sense of accomplishment.

Great sense of discipline.

The above skills will go a long way in creating a wholesome you. 

The above skills will go a long way in creating a wholesome you. You can also use http://essaywritersite.com/ to acquire better writing skills in preparation for your employment opportunity.

4. How to Solve Problems

As you continue with your higher education, you will face many challenges both inside and outside of a classroom. Should it be submitting that assignment on time or juggling between school and work, you will have to look for what works for you. Since you will be on your own, these tough calls will need resolutions. With time, you will find that there is no such thing as a big or small problem since you will be equipped to handle both.

5. Learn How to Deal With Other People

When attending school; you will have exposure to people of different characters and backgrounds. This will be the likely outcome of your workplace. Since you will be dealing with both lecturers and students, you can start to practice how you relate to people of different authority power. Take for example your professors, start engaging them like they are your bosses in a working environment while the other students as your colleagues. Make it a natural habit, and it will grow on you.


Disparity of earnings for graduates

Having a higher education in America is equally essential to the individual, as well as the state. Aside from attaining a lucrative career, you will also learn how to deal with a variety of other real-life situations. These abilities that you will achieve such as communication and problem solving, will also aid you in personal relationships. It holds more to it than just being a stepping stone to a career and more like learning how to develop a better you.