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Why so many jobs?

The next time an HR shoots this question at you, don't be startled!

Friday August 18, 2017,

3 min Read

We all dread interviews though not everyone would really admit it. Being dumbfounded in an interview is the last thing anybody would want to experience. At least when it has got nothing to do with your skills and knowledge, this would be the last thing you should fumble about. And that common interview question is “Why did you change jobs so often?”

Now, a fact of the matter is it’s not as “bad” as the question may make you feel. In fact it’s good enough. Because as long as you are learning, growing and doing things in the best interest of yourself and the company, you are headed on the right path.

You might wonder how can switching so many jobs actually benefit me in any way. Let’s find out how!

1. Caught in a maze? Sticking to the same job will narrow down your goals. Instead of learning about the industry, you might start thinking about your next position in that job, office politics and current goals. So don’t trail behind the trends in your industry and explore the whole wide world beyond your current job.

2. Break the comfort zone - The gamut of new experiences, opportunities, and challenges that you encounter by switching jobs is far more than in an organization where you are a familiar face to everyone.

3. Live on the edge - Changing jobs often will keep you “On your toes”. The feeling of not knowing everything and being incompetent can put you in a “Let-me-crack-this” mode which will help you give your best.

4. Tap your potential - Joining a new job is like re-establishing your value, trying to prove your mettle and this can take you to an altogether new altitude of learning.

5. Overcome inhibitions - And guess what? Getting interviewed becomes easy. You are able to probe business pain points and recommend dragon-slaying solutions.

6. Know your worth - As much as the interviewers evaluate you, it becomes easier for you to evaluate them and know the right employer that you should be working with. It helps in identifying the company where you can take a flight to success.

7. Goodbye monotony - Staying put in the same job for a really long time will result in the work being mechanical for you.

8. Loads of Learning - Jumping ships teaches you how to deal with new situations head on. Only new experiences can teach us how to effectively and smartly deal with surprises on the way.

I could go on and on with this one. For now, just keep in mind that “Sky is the limit”. Don’t let anybody limit you, not even an employer. Step out of your comfort zone to experience new challenges and deal with them head on. If you think it is not the right fit for you then quit and move on towards new avenues. Don’t try to fit in, amplify yourself.

So the next time when someone pops you that question, you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

Way to go! Good luck with your job search. ;)