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Plan a beautiful getaway in the diverse state of Colorado

Plan a beautiful getaway in the diverse state of Colorado

Tuesday July 17, 2018,

5 min Read

Traveling is not about the journey, it’s the experience that matters the most. The experience that starts right from planning has an unexplainable thrill. What about your next trip? Have you planned it yet? If you are planning to go further west, Colorado is one of the most complete travel destinations to explore and conquer. The vistas of a lush green meadow surrounded by the mighty Rocky Mountains, the beautiful view from one of the cabins in Breckenridge, camping somewhere near the Maroon Lake; the western end of the world has a lot in store for you. Here’s a complete guide to your best vacation ever!

Best time to visit

The best part of Colorado is that sun shines almost throughout the year, even when it’s snowing! Colorado glows for almost 300 days a year. The summer afternoons can be pretty hot. Due to the higher altitude, the evenings and morning are cool. Monsoon is a phenomenon here in Colorado. The sudden arrival of sun after heavy downpour results in dramatic light-shows along the mountains and canyons. Colorado is a treat for your eyes and mind and you can visit anytime you want. But the western state sees a massive tourist visit from May to October.

Popular towns of Colorado

Denver, the capital has the international airport and is the biggest city in the state. The city is full of microbreweries, restaurants. Denver’s biking culture is a well-known phenomenon and you can give it a try along the bike paths to feeling the city breeze. Boulder, another popular city is actually the adventure capital. It is also known as the college town. The popular park of Colorado, Chautauqua, is just about two miles from downtown Boulder. Though Aspen is a luxurious city and underneath the glamour there is an adventurous soul of the city, unknown to many. The city is surrounded by national parks and ski resorts, Roaring Fork River runs right through it. Durango is another popular adventure center of southwestern Colorado which you must visit if you are looking for a bit of adrenalin rush during your vacation.

Places to visit

A variety of places ornamenting the state, Colorado is a platter of beautiful experiences to choose from. It’s not a place where you can stay indoors and relax, Colorado asks for adventures and here are some must visit places.

Rocky Mountains

Peaks above 4,000ft, standing tall, surrounding you is an experience to die for. The Rocky Mountain state is one of the most favourite places to visit here in Colorado. The abruptly placed snowcapped mountains in the middle of green plains offer you many hiking and camping opportunities. Even during the busy months when the tourists flood in, Rocky Mountain is the only place to look for serenity away from the urban chaos.

Ski Country

Colorado has some amazing downhill skiing experiences. The Cross-country and back-country terrain add to the beauty of winter. If you are looking for a hardcore skiing experience the best time to visit is form Halloween through July. The skiing experience is the newest feather on the hat and is loved by the tourist from around the world.

Desert, canyons, and meadows

If you are thinking Colorado is all about mountains and peaks, you are mistaken. From blossoming meadows to hill deserts and yes, of course, the Canyons, who can ever get enough of it? Great Sand Dunes National Park has the tallest sand dunes in entire North America. Mesa Verde National Park is well known for the very popular Cliff Palace. Colorado’s least popular Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park should also be in your list of must visit places.

Things to do in Colorado


The newest addition to the activities list in Colorado is skiing. Not just the big fancy resorts, you can find small-town gems here. It covers about 30,000 in-bounds acres to ski.


Snowshoeing is one of the most popular activities in the Breckenridge region during the winter months. The beautiful landscape of this region gets covered in powdery white snow, which creates a great opportunity to try with sport out. You can get all the equipment on rent very easily to try this fun activity by yourself.

Cross-country skiing

If you have a lot of experience in skiing, then you cannot miss this opportunity of trying out this extremely adventurous sport if you are visiting the Breckenridge region of Colorado during the winter months. The miles after miles of the beautiful Alpine landscape covered with powdery snow creates a wonderful stage to try out this awesome adventure. You will find a lot of guided cross-country skiing trips here which you can join and enjoy the incredible experience.

Whitewater adventures

One of the most popular summer activities on the Arkansas River, whitewater adventures are tourists’ hot favorite. Guided whitewater trips are organised. If you want more there are multi-day trips available which take you to Gunnison River for some even more adventurous activities.


Another popular activity in this district during the summer months, especially in Breckenridge, is going for some trekking. In Colorado, there are about 53 peaks above 14,000 feet. Hiking is one of the most preferred activities by the tourists who visit this state. It has almost every type of hiking, from high peaks to endless green lands to the deep crinkled canyons. There are a lot of hiking trails which open up in the Alpine landscapes of this beautiful ski resort during the open months. Going for a walk through these trails will take you to some awesome viewpoints, from where you can see some of the most incredible vistas, lush forests and wildlife of this Alpine region.


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