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7 Easiest Tips for Choosing Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

7 Easiest Tips for Choosing Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

Tuesday May 28, 2019,

4 min Read

You were at the furniture section and have found the piece of your dreams: an oak dining table, a lovely sofa, or a flamboyant floor lamp. Of course, you fell in love with it. However, after checking the dimensions, your heart cried for a moment knowing that the furniture can never happen.

Since traditional suburban homes are getting more expensive, squeezly packed apartment suites and narrow townhouses are becoming the cheapest alternative for new home buyers. However, these type of homes makes space that much harder to maximize.

If you need tips in maximizing space in your home without compromising design, here are some ways you can consider without breaking the bank.


Usually, small, modern spaces have open floor plans that can be a bit difficult to style. Having a small space can mean that your living room might double as your dining room, and can even go triple as your home office. You may give your space a clutter-free appearance and style at the same time without making you eat your meals on your lap.

For instance, you can have nesting tables that can be separated for an ample table space, then just by sliding underneath one another can easily hide away until the next time you have company over. Another furniture you can have is an opening shelving unit that can arrange your sentimental mementos and also stand in as an improvised wall to have the illusion of multiple rooms in homes with an open floor plan.


These are the types of furniture that give a free view from one area to another. To avoid blocking the view, try open-sided bookcases, chairs with slender profiles, and glass or acrylic tables, which will fill your room with comfort and prevent congestion.


Look for pieces that are trim and fit to suit your small spaces accordingly. When you buy a sofa, you can pick one with skinny arms and a tight, upholstered back instead of one with thick rolled arms and a multi-cushion back that will look too inflated. For your tables, pick the right ones with slender legs, meanwhile, your beds should have headboards.


To avoid taking so much floor space, if it’s possible, tuck furniture around the perimeter of the room. You can try attaching bookshelves to the wall, or place a bench under the window, and mount the television. There are certain pieces that can even hover off the ground, which creates open space that visually expands a room.


This is probably going to be your favorite. Since small homes tend to be short on places to stash things, it can be really practical to find furniture with storage included. You can switch to ottomans with hidden compartments or tables with drawers or shelves. Remember that lesser clutter, the better. Even trunks can be great coffee tables. You can also put stuff on luggage under extra-tall beds.


This is somehow the same as the previous one which does double duty. You may get a daybed that can be used as a cozy couch during the day then becomes a pullout bed where guests can rest. Just enjoy ways to swap in furniture like these such as a storage cart as a kitchen island or a dresser as a nightstand.


And lastly, divisions! This might not be in favor of others but segmenting a space creates a larger whole room. These are perfect for studio apartments, faking extra rooms using curtains or a fold-up panel. You may put a divider adjacent to a corner to create a makeshift office or an impromptu dining room in the kitchen. Cool, right?

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