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Your Complete A-Z Guide on Hijab

Your Complete A-Z Guide on Hijab

Friday July 21, 2017,

3 min Read

Hijab is one of the most important clothing in the Muslim culture that defines a woman’s modesty. The dress code of the religion suggests that women wear the hijab to cover their head. The term hijab means modesty. What was once a religious normality has now become a fashion statement? Today, you can get various types and varieties of hijabs that you can wear according to your style. You can now buy hijab online also. You will be surprised by the number of selections that you can get in the colours and patterns of hijab.

What is the right way to wear a hijab?

The basic concept of hijab is to cover all your hair and let only the face be visible. So, you can wear a hijab in many ways. You will get triangular, square and oblong shaped hijabs in the shops. You can select the one that is comfortable for you. You can wrap the hijab around your head and tie it at one end to secure it. You can find the hijab that matches your outfit in colour and pattern. You can use a headscarf or bandana before the hijab to help it sit still on your head. Then place the hijab on your head with two ends falling on both your shoulders. Let one end be longer than the other. Now wrap the ends around your head to cover your hair. Once the wrapping is done, you can pin the cloth so that it doesn’t fall. Leave one end loose so that it looks nice. There are many ways to wear a hijab, but the main point is that your head is covered. You can use a headscarf before you wrap the hijab to make the hijab wearing procedure easy. If you are fashionable, you can wear two hijabs at one time by mixing them both.

How to choose the right hijab?

There is no restriction regarding colours. You can choose the colours that you like. Always go for pleasant and light colours so that they attract less heat. The patterns can also depend on what you wear the hijab along with. Coming to the material, try to choose soft materials like cotton and silk as they will not irritate your skin or hair. Also, cotton will help your hair and skin breath, especially during hot summers. You can choose warm hijabs made of nylon during the winters.

How to make it look attractive?

You can add hijab accessories to make the look interesting. Some crystal pins, vintage brooches, embroidery, beading, and pearls can make your hijab look beautiful.

How to maintain a hijab?

Maintaining a hijab is as simple as maintaining your clothes. Wash them and iron them to store in your wardrobe. If you have hijab made of expensive material like silk, you must be extra careful. As hijabs are held in place using pins, make sure you use good quality pins that do not rip your hijab. Try to hand washing your hijabs and hanging them on a hanger and taking them out when you wear them.

These are some the basic tips on hijab. Don’t shy away from trying different styles! You can be both fashionable and modest at the same time. 


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