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Role of technology in human resource management

HR managers are in a constant fight to make the best use of technology in various important tasks. We take a look at some of the best employee management software solutions.

Role of technology in human resource management

Wednesday April 11, 2018,

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Recruiting and keeping hold of top talent is always a top priority for companies. Organizations are constantly at a war with competitors over making sure that the employee is happy and doesn’t feel the need to quit.

In a time of the digital revolution, HR managers around the world have started adopting technology to make their work easier and help make better decisions. There’s an app for everything these days and this statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to workforce management in a company. Let’s take a look at the different ways technology is changing the face of HR management.


Hiring and identifying talent is probably one of the most important and regular tasks any person in the field of human resource has to do. Tech solutions such as GoodHire help in making the recruitment procedure which is often long and dull into much smarter. Companies can look into the entire history of the prospective job seeker within minutes through different software and mobile applications. A study conducted by People Matters showed that majority of the 124 companies interviewed used technology to help in recruitment, screening, interview and selection process.

Day-to-day task and employee management

Day-to-day workforce management is where an HR manager would spend the most time on. A lot of manual hours used to be spent in maintaining the information about the employee. This is where technology is solving major pain area of HR managers. Tasks such as Time & Attendance HR software often take care of by using workforce management tools such as PurelyTracking.


Such tools often offer much more and aim to streamline processes and the work for managers as well as employees. Key information such as client and project details which the employee may need regularly can be accessed 24x7 through a cloud-based software. This helps in improving the productivity of the employees and reduction in the manual hours spent by the managers.

Better management

Over 48% recruiters and manager think that technology helps them make better HR decisions. While business owners have confidence in their workforce management team, they also believe that technology should be used whenever possible to help make calculated risks and key decisions. A lot of managers still think that the technology which is available fails to analyze the data that helps in catching early trends. As the demand for top talent increases, businesses will continue to look for better Employee management software solutions.

Future for HR technology

As technological penetration happens in the field of HR, one can expect companies to open a door for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. It is imperative that as more and more jobs become technical, the expertise required will keep getting more accessible. Through Machine Learning one can expect recruitment and general employee management software solution to become smarter. No matter what era we live in, there will always be a need for easy-to-understand, accessible and well-built tech solutions which solve major pain areas of HR managers.