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Problems you may face with folding bikes

Thursday June 22, 2017,

3 min Read

Folding bikes are a revolutionary genre of bikes, increasingly being adopted as a stable eco-friendly mode of transport. Their portability makes them extremely popular. They are compact, snazzy and definitely a tempting package. But all good things have their drawbacks folding bikes too have some issues. However, folding bicycle users have been known to face some issues, here are some of them:

Repair Expenses on Folding Bikes Are Unpleasant

Parts of folding bikes are quite expensive and repairing these beauties can be an expensive venture. Bike shops in London do cater to these repairs effectively but getting parts replaced is sure to cost you quite something. You may also find it tough to cycle with complete freedom with the cost of replacing a brake wire/tire tubes as they can cost you more than you can afford.

More Scope to Break Things In The Bike

Walk into any London cycle hire shop and compare the make of folding bikes with regular road and mountain variants. You are sure to notice that folding bikes look fitted with more gizmos and other small parts. These parts are used to fold the bike into a compact shape and lock it in that position. The flip side, however, is that it makes the bikes vulnerable to damage and an accident that would just leave scratches on a bicycle may severe one of these parts.

The Speed Doesn’t Match Up With Road Bikes

Don’t get us wrong, folding bikes aren’t extremely slow. Most of them tend to be faster than mountain bikes on regular roads. However, bike shops in London advise a road bike for someone who isn’t keen on portability and values speed more. Folding bikes aren’t designed for speed; however, they manage to do pretty well for a bike this compact.

They Might Not Suit Your Body Type—Be Careful While Selecting One

These compact foldable cycles tend to be uncomfortable if suitable efforts are not taken while buying/hiring them. When you look for a folding bike in a London cycle hire shop, it is essential to spend time on getting the right weight and size to suit your body. Any discrepancies in this estimation can lead to discomfort and pains developing down the back of your body.

Yes, folding bikes do have a set of disadvantages of their own. It is pretty clear that most of these can be avoided by taking a few elementary precautions. Use folding bikes with the same care you would show towards the light road bikes, keep it well maintained and check it for any misnomers before hiring. You are sure to find a folding bike a joyful asset. Happy Biking!