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6 unique courses with great career options after 12th for 2018

6 unique courses with great career options after 12th for 2018

Saturday May 26, 2018,

4 min Read

Sometimes we fail to keep up with others, not because we don't have talent, not because we don't have the capacity to do things but because we choose the wrong platform to show our talent. This post is for those students who are now at their crucial stage of life where their choice will decide their future. 12th! after which you need a solid idea to decide your career. I really want to suggest all of my Juniors not to choose that career option only because others are suggesting to choose it. 


In Today's world, there is a huge option to make your hobby as your career. There are various courses available which matches with your hobby and you can choose them other than your subject-specific courses. Here are some of the suggestion which you could choose as your career option. 

#1 Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the best and most promising field in the current scenario (of 2018) if you choose the right course and institute for this. After gaining some necessary experience from the course you either can start your own business independently or can work for an enterprise.  Course Available in Digital Marketing is- 3 to 6-month course which is ideal for a Business person or entrepreneur and UGDDM(Undergraduate Diploma Course in Digital Marketing), which is for freshers in the field of Digital Marketing. Since this field is broad, you can select your profession according to your interest. The posts available in Digital Marketing Fields are- 

1. SEO Executive

2.Social Media Marketer

3.Content Writer

4.Community Manager

5.PPC Executive

6.Email Marketing Executive

7.Web Designer

8.Graphic Designer

9.Digital Sales Expert

10.-commerce Marketing Manager

#2 3D Animation

This is one of the least unfolded pitch in India. Use of 3D Animation has taken a hype and animators are one of the most required persons in any ad copy, films or movies. So, this field has a huge scope to grow in. Both Degree and Diploma Courses are available for 3D Animation. I will suggest higher studies for this course. Because that can take you very high, you can work for movies also and you can get a really handsome amount of salary. (3D Animation Institute)

Animators are required in-

1.Advertising Online and Print News Media

2.Film & Television

3.Cartoon production


5.Video Gaming

6.E-learning and in government sectors also.

Salary:  Rs 129,291 - Rs 700,025

#3 Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is another untouched sector of India. If you have a nice sense of dressing and you always observe all trending and new fashion trends, you can try this field. It's a glamorous field. If you do well with your talent, you can be a great Fashion Designer. (Fashion Designing Institute) There are many courses available for Fashion designing as-

1. in Fashion Designing

2.BSc in Fashion Designing

3.Bachelor of Interior Designing

4.Bachelor of Design (Accessory)

5.Bachelor of Design (Leather)

6.Bachelor of Textile Design 

You can work in -

1.Garment and Textile Export houses

2.Costume designer in Television and Film Industry

3.Retail Chains

4.Freelancer, Faculty of College/ School.

Salary:  174,615 - Rs 918,422

#4 Photography & Video Graphy

This is again a creative pitch. A photographer shows a unique and beautiful view of a simple thing. If you think you are also one of them, you must try this course. When we make our hobby as a profession, we can give our best in it. So, you will definitely do best in this field if Photography or Videography is your hobby. (Institute of Photography)There are many courses available in this course such as-

1.Bachelors in Film-making

2.Diploma in  Photography & Video Graphy

3.Bachelors in Photography

Salary:  Rs 122,276 - Rs 996,603

#5 Travel & Tourism

This is one of most exciting and thrilling field. If you love to travel and like to greet new people and understanding their culture, this can be the best option for you. Although it's a challenging career but is a rewarding career also at the same. Courses of Travel & Tourism are available as Diploma as well as Degree. Travel & Tourism Institute.

Salary:  Rs 129,291 - Rs 700,025

#6 Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are the creative one. They explain things in fewer words with the help of their designing. After the course, you can work for blogs, films, media etc. What you need in this field is Creativity, good observation, and drawing. Check Graphic Designing Institutes here.

Salary Rs 121,551 - Rs 587,560

These were the courses which you can choose after 12th. Don't hesitate to make them your career option if you do have interest in any of them. It is very essential to know what you are passionate about. Hope this article helped you. All the best for your future.