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App store optimization (ASO): The best way for mobile app marketing

With growing mobile technology and cheaper price resulted in increase in numbers of smartphone users worldwide, hence it became a popular section for marketing for expert.

App store optimization (ASO): The best way for mobile app marketing

Wednesday April 19, 2017,

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Mobile Apps become a big business. There are more than 2 million mobile apps are present in Google play store and Apple’s App store. With growing mobile technology and cheaper price resulted in increase in numbers of smartphone users worldwide, hence it became a popular section for marketing for expert, thus coined the term “App Store Optimization” or “ASO” in short.

Getting your mobile app discovered in apple’s play store became one of the biggest problem for mobile app publisher. I would like to share important technique and tools which will be helpful for you to get discovered in App store and important points and consideration while performing ASO.

So, What is ASO?

App store optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher to get more visibility in popular app stores like Apple’s play store and Google play store. Most used optimization methods will bring your app rank higher for the keyword people search in app store. Before learning app store optimization (ASO) , let us learn about how does people search your mobile app’s in app store.


General browsing in app store : it constitute 63% of total search.

Mouth to Mouth Advertisement: Speaking up with friends and people and then searching app, it constitute 50%

Browsing Most popular category and top chart in App store: 34% people search app by this method.

Pre installed App: 20% people use pre installed app that come up with phone.

Via Social Network: 19% people come to app by social media.

General Browsing: 19% people install mobile app while browsing and 14% via searching on internet.

Magazine and Reading blog: 7% people search mobile apps after seeing it in magazine or reading some blog.

With a billion smartphones across the globe, people are buying apps. That’s why businesses are approaching app store optimization (ASO). The higher your mobile app ranks in app store’s search results, app will get more installs and potential customer. The final goal of ASO is to get more traffic to your app by increasing visibility so that searcher can download your app for specific action.

Also, the app store optimization (ASO) process needs a better understanding of your target customer and keywords to get potential customer to find your apps. As you learn more about keyword, ASO will have better marketing plan and you can rank for your keyword choices.

Important Factors Affecting ASO


Title should always consist of keyword having highest search traffic. Always invest good time in doing keyword research and make it a first habit while doing ASO. Changing App title over a long period of time to include various relevant keyword and having a meaningful title can ease your work to rank in App search. As the mobile app will rank better, your downloads and review will also increase.

How To Write Best Title Way For App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Operating System

Limit of Character in Title For ASO

Apple Store Title Limit = 50 Character

Play Store Title Limit = 30 Character

Writing title is tricky as you need to maintain your brand value and at same time, you also need to add heaviest keyword. The best way we can write app title is to mention brand name and add some slogan or function describing your app.

Eg: Brand Name: Meaningful word to describe App


Brand Name - Meaningful word to describe App

We will take some of the best example of app title , which has been currently used by big name in the ASO industry.

Lets analyse the title name here, They have mentioned brand name and they have added the main function “book a taxi” by adding this they have mentioned keyword having heavy traffic i.e “book” and “taxi”. The final task was to make it meaningful and impressive. So they have added “book a taxi with one touch”.

We have also seen that all words are not capitalized here as we do title optimization for the websites. Do not try to capitalize each word.

Some ASO try to changing title to adapt better keyword and top searched. They would create different variation and change keyword and rename their product. Doing so, it does not help your ranking but it hurt your app ranking. The approach should be, do research, pick keyword , then write title and stick with it for some time.


As i have mentioned earlier that, all keyword should be picked very carefully. As we have limited space to include keyword string in apple store. We can only include 100 character in app store. We can use different keyword research tool like app annie, sensor tower, keyword tool.io and various others for keyword research in ASO. The biggest hurdle is that except keywordtool.io , all keyword research tool shows traffic score instead of actual search volume. All keyword tool have their algorithm, depending upon which they show traffic score.

Total no of Downloads:

Total no of downloads can increase your rank and reviews. But ASO does not have a total control over this.

Rating and Reviews:

Rating and reviews impact your mobile app rank heavily. Better reviews and rating can increase your rank, if you mobile app is optimized well. There is no arguing with the fact that ratings are important. Judging by the amount of push notifications and near-begging from apps, you’d think that ratings were one of the most important features in the entire universe of app store optimization.

App Description:

Try to describe most important function in first three lines, As rest are hidden under read more. Optimize you descriptio according to your app and use some of the keyword as needed. Remember do not try to do keyword stuffing.

Optimizing App screenshot:

Optimize your screenshot and try different format , do A/B testing for your image to calculate the impact for longer period. As better screenshot can improve your CVR.

Keep in mind that ASO takes time

App store optimization is the long process and it needs time to be monitored constantly and tweaked over a period to get optimized result. Just like SEO it needs time. In present scenario, Most company started focusing in app and have dedicated team which see improvement of app in play store and app store. The most common approach in ASO is that developers find some keyword and write description in last.

Keyword and description should be written after well research.

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