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Radically Growing Nature of Agribusiness Sector Requires Competent Management

Friday February 17, 2017,

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The dictionary definition of the term agribusiness is the agriculture conducted strictly from a commercial point of view only. The term also encompasses the group of industries which deal with the services and product chains relevant to the farming business. A term which was coined in 1957 by Goldberg and Davis has transformed into a vast market segment in the 21st century. The current scenario of the agricultural field displays a large-scale consolidation of farms and ranches into better & efficiently run operations with proper management. The sophistication of management protocols has definitely elevated the way agriculture industry operated in past decades. With the rapidly increasing globalisation of agriculture that has given way to the slew of agriculture suppliers, producers, distributors, agribusiness certainly is a growing business sector. This presents all the more reason for the individuals with proper business skills and an MBA in agribusiness management.

The field of agriculture has undergone some massive transformation changes with the evolution of new industries making it a vast and complex system. Over the years the reach of this sector has crossed the boundaries of farm to include food producers & suppliers. Basically, it's not just the farmers who hold the stakes in this market but also the people who deal with input supplies such as seeds, chemicals, fertilisers & output distributors like milk, grain, meat, etc. Initially, agriculture was observed as a venture but now it is seen as a commercial entity which attracts thousands of potential employees every day. The constant progress in the volume and value of the agribusiness sector has made this industry grow heavier and heavier every day. Thus, it requires an efficient management which will prevent this industry to succumb to its own weight and avoid a break-down in the system. In order to cater to that need, a manpower with essential skills, practical knowledge & problem-solving skills is the demand of the time. Hence, now there are several students who aspire to make a career in the agribusiness sector as they see themselves as credible managers of the future.

The importance of this field is beyond questioning and the agribusiness program for MBA in Symbiosis has been structured around that understanding. Their course has been designed with an objective of educating students to be capable of expanding small or medium agribusiness enterprises to a large-scale establishment with increased productivity. The MBA in Agribusiness program at Symbiosis Institute of International Business trains its students in using the acquired knowledge and practical skills to solve the associated problem in the industry. The true sign of a learned professional in any industry is to be able to create a sustainable environment which provides a continuum for the domain they work in. With this academic goal inculcated in the program structure, the MBA course in SIIB assures a team of future managers capable of enriching the agribusiness industry.