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10 easy strategies to beat anxiety

10 easy strategies to beat anxiety

Tuesday July 17, 2018,

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Having anxiety is perhaps the last thing you will wish upon yourself or maybe not even that, isn’t it so?


And why not? Because who wants to feel negative and beaten down by life and its happenings all the time.

But not always you will find yourself to be a cheerful person enjoying life to it’s fullest extent.

Not always you will find yourself to be living in peace and harmony. Sometime or the other life will definitely throw misery at you and that is when you will need to reciprocate with a certain sense of mindfulness to life’s musings.

But how do you do that?

How do you beat anxiety? How do you beat fear?

The answer would be you just can’t.

But, (there is always a but or if) you can certainly dilute it down. To the extent that it will not bother you much.

These simple strategies to beat anxiety might just help you in your cause and effect.

#1. Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal with yourself is an effective way to deal with anxiety.

It is so because when you write your feelings down whether they be regarding what you did all the day or about a particular part or event of the day you give yourself and mind a creative sense of satisfaction and all your feelings gets channelized in a lucid manner onto the paper.

And the best part is when you look back after some months or maybe years on that specific record dated to back then.

You can feel a gush of nostalgia taking you down and it makes you feel happy about your own journey.

Is uggest that you even write the time, date, day to the seconds whenever you write something. Even mention whether it was night, day or morning along with the climatic condition.

#2. Having A Support System

When it comes to life and anxiety then you must atleast have 1-2 people who you can call at any moment of time whether it be night or day.

The emotional support you get from your loved ones is quite enough in itself to make you feel happy and strong.

And that is very important to take in all the stress and hardships which life throws at you.

#3. Sleeping Properly

If you are not taking enough amounts of sleep during a day then you must.

Because not having proper sleep sessions can really affect your mood and creative faculty of mind and spirit thus increasing the chances of anxiety disorders.

So, watch out for that.

#4. Self-Care

If you would like to cure your anxiety then learn to self-care.

Someone has truly said that “self-care is the greatest form of love”. And if you ask me how to do it? Then these suggestions might help you.

• Forgive yourself for a mistake that you may have made in the past.

• Forgive others.

• Don’t just exist.

• Remember that both good and horrible feelings are temporary.

• Read something inspirational.

• Go out on a date with yourself.

• Eat that ice-cream.

• Go to that concert or an event which you wanted to go to.

#5. Exercising

Start small. Every morning you get up. Just do a little stretching every day.

Then after a few days, up our game! Start doing push-ups and then like this you can proceed step by step.

Always remember that it takes about 21 days to seriously cultivate a habit so just relax and give it your best shot.

#6. Music

Music is one of the best therapies to heal anxiety. With good music comes good mood and good vibes. No one can disagree to that!

So, whenever feel down with negativity then why not just play the best song from your playlist.

#7. Yoga

No harm in trying it. If you don’t want to do all those complex postures and no one is saying that you should.

Basic yoga like breathing exercises are quite enough to tackle and shake down anxieties and fears (if you are not facing acute anxiety syndrome or something)

Any which way the idea is that it can help. So, keep at it.

#8. Be Selfless

Selfless is the word which you might want to experiment with a little.

Knowing the feeling that you, yes YOU are the source of someone else’s happiness is the kind of feeling which can’t be explained in words.

And just about anyone would want to be on the receiving end of this whole process.

So, why not just try to be someone else’s happiness just once and then see the magic happen.

#9. A Pet

This idea of having a pet is quite interesting actually. And you will be surprised to know (or maybe not) that a pet like a cute cat or adorable dog can help you in beating down stress and anxiety.

And when you see another life blossoming along with yourself and the bond which you share throughout the journey is unspeakably amazing.

And sometimes or maybe most of the times they are better than people who in turn most of the times are a bunch of assholes. (Pardon for the language)

#10. Find Happiness In Little Nuances Of Life

In the end, it can be said that to avail happiness in your life you would need to (like really necessarily) heed on the little nuances of life like the nice weather, the good sunshine, pouring rain, blowing winds and cloudy and misty mornings.

These things however small or routine they might sound but are quite effective in their job and no matter how rich you are or how poor these form an inseparable part of your life.