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How to give an exit speech

Wednesday December 14, 2016,

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It’s your last day at the job and you are meeting everyone bidding them good bye. They are giving you presents and good wishes for your new job. Before you left the office they arranged a small ceremony for you, saying all the good things about you and the time you all spent together.

After everyone said something about you, now its your turn to say something about them and the working experience you had by working with them. In occasions, when we are leaving from some place because we get new job or is retire. The speech that we give is known as farewell speech. Now you are standing there in between your colleagues and is confused about the speech. You can’t think of anything and mind is blank of this sudden action. You weren’t expecting any such demand and haven’t prepared anything for it. I’m will highlight some important point to make a good farewell speech. You can also visit this link to find best farewell speech according to your office environment or field

Make a Layout

Think about some great experience that you had while working at that workplace. Summarize it but try to make it of appropriate length. It should be relevant and interesting, so the listeners won’t get bored. Add anecdotes for some special person whom you want to admire or pay tribute to. It is a great way to express your view about them. Think about some heartfelt or serious point where you remember something when someone did something good for you. They stood beside you in difficult times. Tell them that it makes you sad that you had to leave as you were having so good time by being and working with them side by side.

Be honest and try to think about the well wishes that you will say to them. You can address all of them in general and wish them wholly in general as a group or you can wish individual by taking their name and saying something good. You can include yourself also indirectly by mentioning a story. You can see a sample here

Writing the Speech

After you done about the making the layout, next is to try to write it down. Write an outline first to get an idea about the speech. Writing an outline gives you more control about the speech and makes and logical order in your mind.

It would be nice if you start your speech with some funny fact or joke. It will put you and audience at ease and reduce the tension in the atmosphere. You can use an inspirational quote in the opening sentence also but keeping it at the end as a punch line would have more impressive. Many written farewell speeches are available here Your paper assignment on architecture assignment.essayshark.com/architecture-help can play an important role in your career.

Delivering the Speech

Try to recite your prepared speech a few times. So, you can getting familiar with the content and wont look confuse during the time of speech. You read your speech in front of some friend or by standing in front of mirror. Last is to be confidence and look at your audience while you are delivering the speech.