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A step towards the life

A step towards the life

Monday April 03, 2017,

4 min Read


Each day we wake up in the morning is a step towards the life. Each night we sleep is a step towards life. Each breathe we take is a step towards life. But the question stands here, Do we live everyday?

Or do we only work, or are too busy to live up the life ? The fights never ends, the wars never ends, the hatred never ends, then can we say that each day we live is a step towards life. When being a student we are worried for exams, then for job, then for promotion , then for money, then for property , then for health. At last the life ends . When was that moment when we lived our lives. 

Every day, we take a step towards life, then where is that life? In our daily lives, we are too busy to even take a breath. It seems to be very strange to me that each day we hope for a lovely life but we are too busy to live up that life.

We don`t have time for our families , for friends, for relatives, for our own selves. For whom are we living then? We all run for the future but nobody gets the time to recognize that, future never comes. It`s the present which comes . There is no past and there is no future , it is only there in our minds. So, should n`t we plan for the future? Planning for the future never implies forgetting the present. In actual, nobody plans for the future . We all plan for the present.

Each day, should be like the last day of our lives. But this doesn`t imply that you will end up with whatever you have. I mean that we should not worry too much for the future. Nobody can give a guarantee for the future because future is uncertain. In this hurry of future betterment ,we lose our present which was the future earlier. 

Planning for the future always implies getting prepared for the next upcoming war. That does not imply dying in stress for the upcoming war. Life is itself is a war and this war does not ends until our journey of life ends. And journey of life never ends with the death.It does continues....

The question still remains in my mind that why don`t we live everyday? We do take a step towards life everyday, then we should live up the life everyday. Live up means what? To know yourself, to talk to your inner being, to know the truth.

Wait for a moment. Stop for a moment and think . Look at the sky , it is so beautiful. This world is amazing , the life is amazing. Talk to your inner being for a while , you will live up for a moment. You will live a hundred miles when you will talk to your inner being in silence in just a single moment.

Silence is a language which can only be understood with silence. When your inner being will be in silence, you will hear lot many things which you would have never heard. And this will make you live your life with in a moment. Throw your hatred, throw your anger, throw your jealousy and your spite. You will get to know many things about yourself.

It is said that one can live a life only with money, friends, relatives, etc. But when you will know your inner being, when you will listen to your inner being in silence, you will live up your life. There is no need of money, friends, relatives. You will become complete when you will become one with your own inner being, that is the supreme power, the God.