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Entrepreneurship and my Child

Sunday May 15, 2016,

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Entrepreneurs are madly, crazily, passionately and lustfully in love with their business. They are not just in love; but they are insanely in love with what they have created. Hence, their venture is their FIRST love – irrespective of whether are married or not.

Entrepreneurs honestly are crazy gamblers. Instead of betting on cricket matches, they bet on their hard work, with a bit of luck thrown in. Most of them don't win the gamble, but manage to survive and make ends meet.

I have a daughter aged 23 months. She will always grow up with a bizarre, ‘weird’ entrepreneur dad around.

How will this be impacted on her?

Well, I may not be able to match the ‘perks and cars and houses’ that my kids’ friends’ ‘banker dads’ will certainly possess ; but I am sure that my kid will be pretty inquisitive, street smart and bold when compared to a lot of kids her age.

Having a parent who never takes things at face value; who always examines how to create efficiency in every process; who demonstrates the ability to take calculated risks and measure its performance; and above all who always does something NEW all the time, creates a very positive impact on young impressionable minds.

Trust me when I tell you this – kids with a live and kicking entrepreneur parent will learn just as much as at home (or probably more) than they will learn at school.

Most importantly – kids brought up by entrepreneur parents will be supremely independent and capable of surviving forever.

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