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How we made 500k + Downloads on our app without investing a Penny.

NoddyCash's organic downloads without investing a penny.

How we made 500k + Downloads on our app without investing a Penny.

Wednesday March 01, 2017,

6 min Read

Thanks to everyone out there reading this article. I'll tell you how we made our first 500k Plus organic downloads on NODDYCASH  without investing a Penny.

Be practical with your theory.

Whenever a company creates an app, The first main aim of an app is to gather a right targeted audience. Somewhere, they have a strong feeling that getting right targeted install for a kick start is tough. I agree that's tough, but I'll never say impossible. Even we faced difficulties at first to get to targeted audience, but a constant eye on our user's activities helped out to take necessary steps internally or externally in the whole process leading to achieve a total of 800k userbase.

The FRIENDLY UI's - UI has to be made friendlier, A UI posses a potential of making user understand the use of app or flow of the app. I would like to clear UI development based on audience.

If your Majority of traffic is from-

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Cities - I strongly believe making use of custom animations, matertial design, better homepage view attracts users in there own way.

Tier 3 Cities - Majority of population from Tier 3 cities aren't educated enough to handle and understand the Advanced animated UI's which results in uninstall of the app. So, if your traffic is more of from Tier 3 Cities, Calm down your UI. Make use of straight UI's, Use less of animations, Make fonts more clear, Try to show majority of information on the homepage.

SPLASH SCREEN - First impression is always the last impression, Make your Splash Screen highly attracted. As soon as a person opens your app, He must get a WOW on his face as soon as he sees the splash screen. A better splash screen makes person starts believing that application is definitely a great one.

Play Store "STORE LISTING" Description - There is nothing called SEO in Android app, You need to understand the importance of play store "STORE LISTING" in Developer console. STORE LISTING plays a key role in getting up to the right audience.

For Example - If you have a Travel Booking App for Bus Booking and Flight Booking-

App Name - "Use the term which can be searched, highly in Play store search."

Company Name - "Use your brand name here"

Short Description Example - Book our Bus tickets and Flight tickets with a click.

"Make sure to put such search terms in Short Description, which shows your app details and have been majorly searched."

Long Description Example - Long Description has to cover almost all the Keywords, A user is going to search in play store. For Example. Your long description must contain your app name for minimum 3 x times, Keywords such as Bus, Flight, Booking, Ticket, Travel, Online,

Other Keywords - Users use to search Cashback giving apps for travel booking, Payments through Paytm, Mobikwik, Online, Net Banking etc.

"Try to cover all of your keywords at least once in your Long description. Why am I again and again asking you to cover major keywords in the long description?

When a user search using a keywords, the google crawls the data from your long description and if the long description is covered with such keywords, your app will top the play store ranking slowly. The reason is play store ranking depends on number of times keyword terms used by user in search box. If your long description contain all the keywords, your app is likely to come on top of play store search, Indirectly leading to improved search ranking."

COVER Image - Suppose a user is somehow able to get onto Play store listing of your app. He'll hesitate to waste his data downloading your app, if you cover image is not attractive. So make sure your cover image contains the app details and is attractive enough to get downloaded. Uploading a cover video is again not a good option, since a user in not much interested in wasting his data on buffering.

Screenshot Image - Try to include all the features of your app in screenshots. A better screenshot is the one which is full of features and is nicely edited enough to make user download the app.

All of the Google Play "STORE Listing" options makes an app reach the right audience. Please do not waste your time and money on web SEO.

BE THE USERS EYE - If you have created an app, there must be something in the app which impresses the user to stay on or use the app. I would say getting installed is easy, but turning the same install to retain the app for long run is never easy. One must focus on improving user retention by implementing way to create satisfaction for the user. A user is never going to use your app for more than a week, until it gives an inner feeling of keeping the app.

PS - Implement stuffs within your app which improves your retention.

SOCIAL Media Marketing ( Ofcouse Free) - Once your app is live, You need to focus on gathering users from the social media's. When one comes to hear about social media marketing, He/She always thinks on investing money on marketing. For GOD Sake, Please come out of this trauma. You can never keep a PAID user for more than a week.

Facebook - Make sure to create your App's Facebook Page and Describe your app completely in your Facebook Page Info. Secondly Add your app url to Facebook Description.

Other than Facebook Page, Secret to get users from Facebook is joining the targeted Facebook Groups. There are tons of Facebook groups, Join on your selected groups daily. Selected groups here is, the group which is similar to your app needs. Try searching for Facebook groups with your keywords and Start joining. But again do not spam facebook, Facebook is never going to allow you get users by spamming their wall. So just make sure, You don't join more than 10 groups per day. Once joined, start posting about your App with some cool wow features and don't make more than 10 post daily on those groups..

Do same on Linkedin, Twitter etc. But please do not spam anyone's wall. No one will allow you to spam there for free. Make sure you don't do more than 10 posts daily on any social media.

RATE Us - Rating helps you in two way. One, a proper rating helps other user to build trust on your app. Second, Improve search ranking.

How to get ratings?

Just if you have enough users being interacting within the app and doing different activities. As soon as any user performs an activity which creates a feeling of done something great , Just then throw a POP Up asking him to Rate us, if you liked our app.

Why i said to throw popup only when he had the feeling of being happy by using your app. Coz, then he is definitely going to give you Melodies (Good Ratings).


When you follow all this basic stuffs, You're definitely going to see a improved result within a week. Your organic play store search will get boosted within a week.