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Life Without Goals!

People nowadays judges a person by the goal he has set for his future. What would you choose? A well planned and successful life, or an unpreicted one? Choose Wisely!

Humans have evolved a lot since the evolution of our species thousands of years before. We have learned to pray, eat, sleep, learn, earn and make a good life out of what we receive.

Out of everything that exists today in human life, competition is one factor that has caught quite a fast pace in a shorter span of time. A child is born and he is eligible to compete in a lot of other same aged-group children. Parents want their child to be highly competitive by the time he is a toddler.

If a child is artistic or a loner, who does not care about what other children of his age are doing, instead, he is more focused on other aspects of life, people always consider him/her lazy and unreliable.

Human life has become so mechanical and occupied that nobody actually cares about what exist outside this limited-thoughts cage of competition & success.

Especially in West, where every other day a new idea is creating a revolution in the market, being competitive is not a choice anymore. It is an essential medicine to reach a level of success, every brand dreamed of.

But what is success? Have you ever felt like you are clueless? You do not have a goal. Still, you feel ok about it. Does other mock you about it?

Is being an easy going person not acceptable by the people around us? Do you really need to think about them?

Does it really matter, if you don’t have dreams?

IMHO, this theory of “Never Let your Dreams go” and this concept of “Dreams are necessary” do not make as much sense as it sounds like.

Are dreams necessary? No, they are not!

You are completely all right if you do not know what you want to do in life! Confused? Well, thinking about your future in such way that you complete suppresses your intensity, creativity, passion, and impulsivity is not a good move.

I completed my B.tech from a reputed college in electronics communication. I was 22 and was completely clueless about what I have to do in my life. Those days were the ones that allowed me to discover and experiment with my career and my capabilities.

Had I would have joined some software companies like the other lots in my college, I would never be writing this article.

I never got worried or scared about the fact that I do not have any ambition. During that time, I only used to think of that one thing that I am better than most of the professionals in the market.

Since childhood only I was attracted to writing like a born musician is pulled by the sound of soothing instruments.

The idea of creating your own content that too in varied ways sounded extremely exciting to me. I started writing poems, when I was in 8th standard, in junior school.

So after I became a certified engineer, the only profession I could think of was writing. And that’s what I did. I ditched the company I was selected from college and joined a small content writing company in the year 2011.

"The enjoyment and perks of not having any decided goals give you ample alternatives and choices to discover. You don’t know where you are going, but you know the road you are traveling is certainly yours and yours only".

This road is used as a metaphor for the things you are good at or things that make you happy. It would be extremely useful if you have both of the above-mentioned aspects in one habit/talent/expertise only.

A heavy load of setting up goals is being imposed on the child from an astonishingly young age. And children, that are as naïve as a young flower, adapts themselves in this cut-throat and senseless race of reaching the top.

I am not trying to devalue or lower the ones who are living their planned & successful life. My only effort is to make people understand the fact that it is ok to not be over-ambitious and not to plan everything for life.

Let’s take the example of one of the most filtered and messy mind of our era; Steve Jobs. At the 114th commencement of Stanford University, Steve said “you can never connect the dots looking forward. It can only make sense when you look back in life”. So, it’s important to do well in life, but it is certainly not fine to keep thinking about the same thing all the time.

Impulsiveness, random thoughts, rare ideas and game-changing strategies only happen, when you leave your mind with absolutely nothing. That is the time & space our mind needs for its own evolution.

I never thought of showing others what I am capable of until it felt necessary and I was right!

Sometimes, you just need to let few things slip out, in order to focus your attention on something that is going to come in your life and you are completely unaware of; that something is referred to as faith.

Faith in yourself, faith in others. Please do not imply the word ‘faith’ here with any sort of religious or pious things; it is simply referred to your belief in your own.

What you are currently doing is as important as what you are going to do in next 10 years.

"Give yourself as much time as you want, regardless of what situation you are stuck in. If you do not know what you want to accomplish in life, do not panic"!

It certainly is not a curse. It is your choice, choose wisely!

You could be a student, working personnel, a brand owner or a senior manager, and would be looking to work in such a way that do not interrupt your skill growth. Always remember, it is completely ok to work in randomness, as it provides you enough time to think.

And hence, you are not the one to be blamed for, if you want your life to be directionless. The only thing to be taken care of is that you must keep walking.

If you will resume your journey, regardless of any situations, it really won’t matter what goals you have in mind, because working without any load of dreams, goals and objectives are something you rarely find today in any sort of profession or business.

Without all those loads, you will be free enough to get out of a limited & blocked world into a new scenery of imagination and creativity.

Hope to see you all successful in coming years; but not with degrees and skills, but with wit and passion!

And Remember if you do not have any set of goals for yourself, it does not imply that you are working for nothing, It simply means that you are still in the process of exploration and experiementation. So, never ever lose hope, as it keeps us going further and further.

  Good Luck!


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