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Most Efficient Bite Sized Tools for Startup Founders 2017

The essential bite sized tools for every startup which are starting the race in 2017.

Most Efficient Bite Sized Tools for Startup Founders 2017

Saturday January 28, 2017,

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Most Efficient 4 Bite sized tools for the Start ups founders 2017

When you thought of starting a business alone, the first hurdle is, in this start up is knowledge.

As they, about energy same goes for knowledge also,” It can be transferred from one source to another.“

The source can be varied, but when we are starting a startup company, then continuous reading and learning new things is required, you can spend time on books, newspapers blog post and podcasts.

But when we are in chaotic world, then the time spending on books can be VERY pricy, but in case of startup venture sacrificing work in case of reading books is worthy.

The old mantra:

Mistakes make you learn and for the Start up founders it is the common mantra but this is now FADE for the start up founders. In the new era, learning by the existing start up founders who have been here for longer period of time is more helpful and less time consuming. They will give you some golden rules for your start up venture. This will enhance your chances of success considerably.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet and Elion Musk, all are the most successful people on the planet and they also have the world’s most voracious reading habits. We are not talking about Elion Musk, but we want you to spend hours of reading and then inculcating in your current venture.

While selecting and working with non technical start ups it is important to see that one who is globally successful has ability to learn faster.

It is never easier to plan a business and it tougher to execute it.

Time to Have Micro Learning

Start ups have been rising all over the world and the trends are continued to rise. Founders enjoy some cool applications which give quick bites of knowledge.

Quickies of knowledge are at times far better than reading a book of 400 pages. It helps the founder to build great products and also featuring the start up in a better manner. Here, are some cool apps for the start up entrepreneurs which will help them enhancing the start up knowledge and the priorities straight.

#Google Primer

It is a fast and easy way to learn new digital marketing skills, gives you a instant knowledge whenever needed.


The main idea of Primer is to help digital marketing and helping entrepreneurs by increasing the repertoire of skills and knowledge. Being a fun distraction too it helps in killing time.

#Start up Lawyer

This website is mainly for people involved in the startup scenes and entrepreneurship. It includes different topics on seed funding, funding and venture capitalism.


Where the all thoughtful people in the world will be getting their ideas?


Blinkist, this is the site where more than 15k books have transformed into powerful shortcuts and gives you knowledge dose in just 15 minutes. This app is perfect for commuting and super busy entrepreneurs and they can read 60 books a year.


It is the site which gives you option of having a bite size courses daily in your mail. It has dozen of topics ranging from business, latest tech and many more. Chose your topic of interest and get the mail daily..

Do tell me your topic of interest too and there are so many new websites coming up with vast arena of knowledge.


These views are of Ankit Jain ,CEO, EBazar.Ninja , a charismatic start up