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E-Commerce Online / Offline Store

Online /  Offline store

E-Commerce Online / Offline Store

Thursday January 12, 2017,

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We have opened once small startup QuickEkart.in .

Actually we have family business grocery shop at my home town (#lavkushnagar(M.P.) 

since 1950's we have same business at home village and town . As baniya son's have good knowledge of business because they spend summer holiday at shop or office for helping to family business .

I have woked 3 Year IT MNC after that I felt "Kush essa karte h jo ghar jese ho" .

From my village I was first softwere engineer , people of village thinking that I have got very good postion , as I know the postion in IT compnay cores people working same position. 

I have decided to work delivery grocery fruits vegetables with some friends. we have started services and delivery on self . it is very good experiance .

"Save Time, Save Money with QuickEkart" 

We have started service

1    Gandhinagar (Gujarat)

2  Bhopal (M.P.) 

3  Lavkushnagar (M.P.)


<blockquote>Sepecial Service for generate employment</blockquote>

Sepecial Service for generate employment

We have city based services :- 

What you required at home, Will get home delivey 

Grocery Milk Vegetables Fruits 

<blockquote>www.quickekart.in </blockquote>


medicine Delivey 

1. Need to whatsApp or mail : [email protected] doctor prescription

WhatsApp 9033055775

WhatsApp 9033055775


*We have some monthly services at moring 6AM 

  1. milk delivey

 2. Water Delivey 

 3 Egg & Bread Deilivey