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Why is Health Insurance Essential?

Wednesday September 27, 2017,

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Health insurance is perhaps one of an essential types of insurance. With rising healthcare costs and more vulnerability towards illnesses, no one can afford to live without a proper health insurance plan in place. If you are still not convinced about the importance of health insurance, take a look at this article to know why you are taking a huge risk by not buying a good health plan.

Reasons why health insurance is necessary

Listed below are the main reasons why you need health insurance:

Makes healthcare accessible: When you have a health insurance plan, you have better access to the best healthcare facilities. This not only gives you a better shot at getting fit, it also decreases the chances of you contracting any serious illness or complication thereafter. People who do not buy health insurance often stay away from hospitals even if they are sick, just because of the affordability factor. This makes their condition worse and results in a large expense eventually.

Keeps your savings intact: A sudden hospitalization, accident or surgery can cost you thousands, if not lakhs, of rupees. Can you imagine the impact of these sudden accidents on your savings? So to protect your hard earned money and keep your savings intact, you should get a health plan. The plan will take care of the expenses and you won't have to touch your savings.

Preventive care: The modern-day health insurance plans have provisions for preventive care. This means that you get access to free health checks, OPD consultations, and vaccinations. All these preventive care procedures keeps you healthier and reduce the chances of serious illnesses striking.

Assurance for the whole family: You can cover all the members of your family under a single Medicliam policy. This is very beneficial as you don't have to worry about your loved ones not getting the right kind of medical care. Another advantage here is that even if you die, the policy you bought before your demise will continue to cover your loved ones. It will get transferred to the name of your spouse (or any other surviving adult in the family). So the assurance you buy for them will continue even after your demise.

Group health insurance v/s individual health insurance

Most employers provide a group health insurance plan to their employees. So if you are employed, you will have a health cover. A group cover is a good form of health insurance. However, the cover is limited and may not be sufficient at all times. It is therefore advisable to buy an individual health plan and get the right kind of cover for yourself as well as your family members.

There is another reason why you need an individual health plan over and above your group plan. Your group cover will cease overnight if you leave your job, get fired or retire. You will then be left without any health coverage and if medical emergency strikes, you will have to pay the bills yourself. So always keep your individual plan ready to act as a backup at such times.

In conclusion

Even a few years back health insurance was a luxury for the rich people. However, nowadays it has become a complete necessity for all sections of society. Thankfully, the dynamics of the health insurance industry has also changed and now we have a wide range of health plans. So if you still haven’t bought a health insurance plan, do so right away. Run an online comparison of all the available options to find your ideal health plan. Once that is done, make a purchase and stay covered.

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