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Driving Positive Health Outcomes Using Social Media [Infographic]

Social media has helped improve many industries but the one that has an impact on everyone is the health industry.

Driving Positive Health Outcomes Using Social Media [Infographic]

Saturday February 25, 2017,

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Social media provides an opportunity to extend and build the doctor-patient relationship after they leave the treatment room. More than an extension of good bedside manners, it enables the doctors to impact patient daily self-care. Rather than requiring a one-on-one interaction like a phone call would though, social media lets the doctor reach thousands of patients at once.

If you're a medical professional still not participating in social media consider that 41 percent of the public says social media affects their choice of hospital, medical facility or doctor. They rely on word of mouth and the medical provider's online activity in decision making. Here, the medical community hurts itself because only 26 percent of US hospitals use social media. Hospitals miss a key trust building element and an opportunity to communicate with the past and present patients. They also miss the opportunity to become the choice for new patients.

Some important stats that show social media’s influence on the health care industry:

• 90% of Doctors Prefer Open Social Media Platforms to Closed Online Medical Communities

• 60% of Doctors say Social Media Improves the Quality of Care Delivered to Patients

• 1 in 3 Patients use Social Media to Seek Out Health Information

Some quick ways health care organizations can get more out of social media:

How Can Social Media Improve Health Outcomes?

1. The Conversation does not have to end once the Patient and Doctor Walk out of the Room

2. Through Social Media, Patients Feel Empowered to Better Manage their Condition

3. Patients with Similar Conditions can Discuss Symptoms and Compare Treatments

4. Facilitates Exchange of Health Knowledge and Medical Experience

5. Social Apps, Social Communities and Mobile Devices make Health Accessible to Anyone at Anytime

Here is an infographic that shows how social media is improving the healthcare industry created by Canadian Pharmacy King. You can take a few pointers on how to leverage social media to get on the bandwagon and join the conversation.

Infographic courtesy: Canadian Pharmacy King