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Logiix bringing innovative ideas to Home Electronics Market.

Tuesday January 10, 2017,

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Logiix is a brand which is on to carving a niche for itself in home electronics arena. Logiix never fails to surprise with innovative new ideas. Its products are designed and manufactured thoughtfully. Even the pricing is quite apt for such high quality products.

Some of the notable offerings by Logiix include Logiix Piston Power Beacon. Great for indoor use as well as for outdoor camping, Piston Power Beacon has a tough, waterproof exterior, sleek design and its small size makes it travel-friendly. Its high capacity 8000mAh battery can charge any smartphone for approximately 4 times. It's built in dimmable LED light can provide approximately 160 hours of emergency lighting.

Logiix's Blue Piston Speaker is the Bluetooth speaker you always wanted. It guarantees a clearer sound through its built in low frequency resonance system. It lets you answer phone calls, make voice commands and of course, listen music. Its small size must never make you doubt its powerful performance. Apart from that, it also looks incredibly good and comes in a range of funky colors.

Another innovation added to home electronics by Logiix is Smart Connect, a brilliant device that turns any wired audio device into wireless device that can be connected through Bluetooth, with a simple plug in. It's 100mAh battery lasts upto 6 hours.

Innovative Home electronics like these and many other will be showcased in Canadian Wireless Trade Show from October 17th-18th 2017. Watch out for our Home electronics Pavilion to see innovative Home electronics in action.

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