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How we increase an athlete’s performance, scientifically.

An initiative to provide world-class facilities to emerging athletes at the grass root level.

How we increase an athlete’s performance, scientifically.

Wednesday December 13, 2017,

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The sports scenario in India is really interesting.We have the most talented and hardworking athletes in the global sporting arena.Be it the 24-year-old artistic gymnast Deepa Karmakar or the 28-year-old freestyle wrestler Geeta Phogat, our athletes have overcome any barrier that has stood in their way.

For quite a long time, it seemed that talent and hard work is all that is required to become a champion.But then our opponents grew smarter. And smarter.

The advent of technology has transformed the entire sports sector, globally. Athletes are more aware, training has become scientific, performance has been reduced to metrics and what not. Sports is not just an art now, it is a science.The 8 time Olympic gold medalist Indian National Hockey team is now struggling to get to the 8th position.Why? Because our global counterparts turned to technology far before than we did.

To fill this gap between sports and technology in India, we, a startup called Auptimo Technologies has launched an ‘Athlete Performance Analysis Program’ to provide world-class sports facilities to budding athletes and to promote grass root level development in the Indian sports sector.

Divided into two phases, the primary objective of the program is to improve the overall performance of an athlete.


The first part of the program will focus on increasing the fitness levels of a player and reducing the risk of injuries.This will be done by identifying and correcting the various weak areas in the athlete’s body that reduce performance and make a player vulnerable to injuries.

During the course of the program, our team of physiotherapists and video analysts perform a comprehensive screening of every athlete and identify the various muscles and joints in the body that are weak and require strengthening.Once the root cause of injuries has been identified, we provide a customized athlete sports conditioning program that is designed specifically to fix those weak links in the body and enhance the performance and reduce the risk of injuries.


The second part of the program will focus on improving the technique of a player by using video analysis.Video analysis is a tool that can be used to analyze the entire technique of a player in slow motion and identify various flaws that need to be corrected.

“During a video analysis, our team uses high-speed motion cameras to capture the entire playing session of the player from multiple views.After the session is complete, we share the videos with the player and his coach so that the coach can educate the player about the small errors in technique and how they need to be corrected.”

Apart from this, we also have a specialist sports injury centers in GK-II and Saket to provide additional assistance to players who are recovering from injuries.

Athletes from all disciplines like cricket, track events, badminton, tennis etc. can benefit from this program. Currently, we have launched this program in Delhi NCR but we hope to expand to other states soon.