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Life Journey from Hospital to Entrepreneur

I am proud as a woman .... 

Life Journey from Hospital to Entrepreneur

Monday March 13, 2017,

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I was a person with no unusual dreams, living my days in books during my good old graduation days. I was keen on helping my colleagues making them learn and helping the needy financially from my scholarships.

Dr.Vidhya Ramaswamy 

Dr.Vidhya Ramaswamy 

I grew up in a Brahmin family with my parents and younger sister. Armed with the Almighty’s blessings, I was able to make a mark in studies. After completion of graduation, I got chance to continue my studies in the same college. My professional excellence and the trust placed on me by the college authorities helped me in doing things in the best way possible.

As a usual college girl, I channelled my dreams towards a good life. Tue to the age-old adage that God doesn’t give everything to everyone, my turn to be in the midst of tragedy too arrived. Grief struck me when my life partner was taken to eternal peace in an accident and I was left alone with a life inside me.

The incident shattered me, and I went on pushing the limits of life with unbearable pain. After six months of such an existence, I gradually started to fall back on my daily routine. I did not know what to do or where to go. I was totally at sea as to who to trust and who to bank on. The thought of becoming a burden to my parents haunted me no end.

Finally, I was able to make up my mind. To study more was all that I could do. I took life as a challenge and books turned out to be my best companions. I learned a lot and bagged degrees one after the other.

But then again, the Almighty had different plans for me. The heavens pushed me through a severe health test. The test came in the form of a pneumonia attack, and soon the doctors blacklisted me as a candidate whose end has come. But somehow, I managed to pass that test too and survived.

As physical and mental exertions continued to follow me sans any respite whatsoever, I tried hard to calm myself and a then flash of thought rushed through my mind. Why shouldn’t I spread the knowledge I have acquired to others as a service?

The thought kept me thinking. After days of contemplation, I prepared myself toward this end. I injected confidence into me to prove that I was available for the needy. I wanted to hold aloft my knowledge as a weapon to help the downtrodden. It is this thought that spurred me to float a non-government organization. I christened my banner ‘International Center for Intellectual Training and Empowerment (INCITE). Registered as a charity organization with the blessings from with the blessings from Prof. A P J Abdul Kalam sir and Prof. M. S. Swaminathan, INCITE has now grown into its tenth year. The ideas and inputs that came from these stalwarts still serve as strong pillars of INCITE, which has its focus on social services, and training.

I have also been able to kick start a new initiative, named The Women News, which is an exclusive Internet portal by women. Basically an activity-based portal that aims at providing a good platform to the upcoming leaders and their inspiring stories.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day today, as I look back, I’m glad the initiatives I kick started have been able to hand-hold more women towards empowerment. I am now in a position to see the miracle of the Almighty, who through his tests of life, has made me strong enough to do all things. The support I have been getting from a talented, enthusiastic team comes as a bonus to all my endeavours. With a bunch of laurels including the Who's Who Award, the Einstein Award and the like that have come calling, and more work on the empowering terrain awaiting, it is now time to carry on with all the efforts, which I believe, would help make this world a better place.

Dr.Vidhya Ramaswamy 

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