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Salient Features of Packers and Movers

Salient Features of Packers and Movers

Saturday January 06, 2018,

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Home is one place where one is accustomed to all the things nearby and feels relaxed completely from all the external factors. Still when the time comes when one needs to shift then we become frustrated, this is where Aditya Packers and Movers in Cuttack have begun their professional services in the city of Cuttack. Our Services are done with extreme care in disciplined manner so that the whole process of home location becomes hassle free. Our important features that have made us proud successfully for so many years with positive feedback from variety of clients work respectively.

Local and Interstate Shifting: All the home relocation within state or to another state area is covered by Aditya Packers and Movers with complete satisfaction. Our team members have experience of more than 10 years in relocating home goods from one place to another. State locations are covered within 1-2 days while interstate location takes around 5-7 days for complete transformation process.

International Shifting: Our services are available for overseas or international locations that guarantee your International shifting with ease. All the legal information, export rules that will special permission and more are provided by our executives to customers so they can manage things accordingly. Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and New Zealand most of the countries are covered under the Aditya Packers and Movers to bring those house goods to where ever place one shifts to.


Commercial Relocation: Shift your commercial products, raw materials, manufacturing parts, machines and other important stuff from warehouses, shops and factories to their destination with safety and security under the watchful care of the Aditya Packers and Movers in Cuttack. All the relocations are time bound and delays are notified to the customers whenever necessary. We recommend pre-booking so that all the schedules can be maintained accordingly.

Storage: In case you need to store your home goods for some duration then Aditya Packers and Movers provide the warehouses where these services are available. These large warehouses also act as catalyst when shifting to large distance or when the transport vehicles are changed. All the warehouses have authentic security protocols and follow local regulation for delivering the highest performance during the storage.

Aditya Packers and Movers offers one comprehensive shifting location services for all residential and commercial purposes. Our team uses all the standard process for packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking your household items that give clients 100% satisfaction. We are the leading Packers and movers in Bhubaneswar that offers additional insurance coverage for your home shifting. Our prices are affordable to easily adjust inside your pocket and deliver the highest performance for their return value.

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