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Want to develop mobile apps? Get past these obstacles first!

Want to develop mobile apps? Get past these obstacles first!

Tuesday August 22, 2017,

3 min Read

Do you aspire to be a mobile app developer? Do you want your applications out there in the world for everyone to see, use and rate? You will get there, but you need to face these challenges head on first:

Being authentic

Imagine creating the perfect app – an abundant amount of features, optimized to work at fast pace, loads without any hassle and is overall everything one could expect from a mobile application. The single obstacle you could face, which could also take the biggest toll on your apps future, is the fact that an app similar to yours already exists. The number of apps per year only grows, and competition is stiff. There is a mounting pressure to invent a novel app that immediately catch the eye of your average user in between the million others that exist.


Most of the free to use applications on the online stores are being provided funding by the advertising companies. These companies stand to make a profit off of each time their advertisement is viewed on your app. While everyone can agree that there is nothing more exasperating that coming across frequent advertising, the lack of investors leaves most dives between the devil and deep blue.

Promoting your app

Even if your application is the best one available on the store for its purpose, the fact that any product/service needs to be advertised to achieve a mass scale cannot be ignored. This is one of the primary challenges you will face as an app developer, because business knowledge and instinct is not something a techie might possess. A common solution adopted by most is to hire a marketing agency to take over for them. There are also some more original, less treaded paths such as:

1. Making the effort to join social media communities and share their app in them.

2. Investing in SEO

Try not to make it exclusive

Keep in mind that your average app user would not replace their existing platforms simply to accommodate for your app. Try not to develop apps that only work on certain platforms, while ignoring others completely. Make sure it is well-optimized and suits all kinds of viewing screens, and OS versions. Also, remember to keep your app active with constant updates and bug fixes, based on the community’s response and requirements.

Everyone likes it better when their battery is high

No one likes to open an app for 10 minutes and lose 30% of their battery simply because of how intensive your application is. Try to design an app that is simple enough to not take too much of a toll on their devices battery levels. Make sure that you are constantly checking to see if your app causes issues in battery life, and ensure that it soaks a minimal amount, while still preserving the quality and performance of the app.

See if you can live up to these challenges, and achieve the status of one of the best mobile app development companies!