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Apps to track everything in your life

Apps are essential today and they can help you track almost every element of your life

Tuesday April 18, 2017,

3 min Read

Mobile phones are perhaps the most valued devices that anyone carries with them at all times. We have become so used to them and they have become so integrated in our lives that we might struggle to survive without them. This is partly thanks to the vast raft of apps that are available today.



Apps are available for communication, for entertainment, to get from one place to another, to check to do lists, to stay fit and for much more. And it is 'life-tracker' apps that allow you to keep a track of your life that are being used more and more. Vouchercloud recently put together some research on 50 apps that allow you to track pretty much everything in your life, from your daily commute to your bowel movements! Nice eh?! Why don't we take a look at some of the most popular life-tracker apps to find out what exactly they offer, and whether they could be beneficial for you...

CardiographThis amazing app monitors your heart rate by using the camera flash. It monitors changes in the colour of your finger and counts your heart beats to get an accurate heart rate. Great for gym bunnies.

Lose It - If you're trying to lose weight this might be a useful app to check out. Lose It lets you input data, set weight loss goals and track your overall progress.

GoogleKeep - This is the ultimate to-do list and as it's a Google app it works fantastically. Add a note of anything you need to remember to do, and once you've done it simply tick the task to complete it. Couldn't be any easier!

Checky - Are you ever concerned about how many times a day you check your phone? Some people seem addicted to phone checking, so to keep a handle on it this app has been designed, which shows you just how many times you do glance at your phone. Be warned, the results might be scary!

Last FM - Want to keep a track on your music listening habits? Then Last FM is a great app to use. It helps you find the music you listen to most on various devices and platforms and makes suggestions based on what you're into.

Accuweather - The Accuweather apps gives minute by minute weather reports and forecasts so that you know what you'll need to be prepared for the day, wherever in the world you are.

Waze - Hate hitting traffic on the roads? Then Waze could be the app for you. It is designed to share real-time traffic updates, giving you the opportunity to skip around traffic jams and avoid time-wasting queues. 

Rescue Time - Do you wish you could use your time at work more productively? Well Rescue Time is designed to help you do just that. It tracks the time you spend on different tasks and programs so you can see where your time is going, and you can set tasks and alerts to keep you on track (and off Facebook!) 

Goodbudget - The Goodbudget app is there to help you keep track of what you spend and to keep you within budget, daily weekly and monthly. A great app if you regularly spend more than you should. 

Pooplog - This is a little more intimate. As the name suggests Pooplog lets you track your bowel movements, in terms of regularity, consistency and size. Useful for health reasons or just for those interested in these, er, things.