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7 Women Bloggers Who Found Success Online

7 Women Bloggers Who Found Success Online

Thursday February 23, 2017,

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The internet has given rise to so many different professions and careers since it was first created. Countless people make a living online in today’s world. Both men and women are becoming bloggers and making money doing what they love. It’s an amazing world we live in.

For many, the thought of pursuing an online career is scary. For those who have taken the plunge, they now get to live life on their terms and make the money they need to be happy and successful. Join us as we look at seven women bloggers from around the world who found their success online.


7 Women Who Started a Blog and Found Success Online

Today’s internet users are diverse and varied. As more and more parts of the world get access to reliable and fast internet men and women from all corners of the globe are online. In the case of bloggers, they’re doing more than just sharing their thoughts. They’re building businesses and establishing brands.

Starting a blog is easier than it’s ever been. In today’s world, anyone can jump online and start a blog for free. Here are seven women who had that dream and made it a reality:

1. Malini Agarwal - Missmalini.com

The story behind Malini Agarwal’s blog is one that everyone can connect with. It all started at the turn of the century when she moved to Bombay and settled into a house with six other girls, and even a pigeon apparently.

When she started her blog, she didn’t know where it was all going, but she knew that she wanted to write. She had a passion for things like Bollywood, fashion, lifestyle, and pop culture. She wanted to share it with the world.

She was inspired by Perez Hilton, the fashion blogger, and named her blog MissMalini. She wanted to show people what India was really like, and crush the stereotypes you saw in movies or on cable TV. This was a place she loved, that she describes as “the city of lights and magic.”

That passion has lead her to become a successful blogger who covers the topics mentioned above, and many more. Her fashion recommendation make up an entire eCommerce section of her business, fueling this lifestyle that she loves.

2. Jane Sheeba - JaneSheeba.com

Jane Sheeba has made a name for herself with an online business that allows her to take everything she’s learned and teach it to others. This is incredibly smart, as bloggers and consultants aren’t all that different.

She takes her expert blogging, consulting, writing, and design skills, and teaches them to others through her website. Picking up these kinds of skills gives you the chance to market yourself like Jane as done.

These are marketable skills that people find extremely valuable. Whether you’re getting hired to put your experience to work, or you want to teach others, this is the way to do it.

3. Sue Dunlevie - Sucessfulblogging.com

Sue has long been an inspiration for me with her work on Successful Blogging. She takes a simple, but effective approach to helping people set up and grow their blogs so they can live this dream we’re all trying to reach.

Her approach to making money online “without selling your soul” is easy for beginners to understand, but detailed enough to put into action. Her story stretches back to a time when women weren’t in sales, let alone blogging, and today she’s an example of how much the world has changed for the better.

She’ll help you become a successful blogger and a successful salesperson.

4. Ree Drummond - ThePioneerWoman.com

Ree Drummond, A.K.A “The Pioneer Woman” is a woman who has had quite the life. From city girl to wife on a cattle ranch, her blog is all about the transition from where she was, to where she wanted to be.

Her blog is all about her, which is refreshing. She writes about her kids, her husband, her cooking, and even her dog Charlie. Her blog could be considered a lifestyle site, but in reality it’s just one example of how your life and your story is something people will follow.

Not only that, but her partnerships with companies like Food Network show that her blog is making money while she lives the dream.

5. Shalu Sharma - ShualuSharma.com

As a native from Bihar in North India, Shalu Sharma is known for creating a social networking site for the people of her home state called YouBihar. Now, she owns a travel blog where she writes travel guides and tips for people visiting India.

She also covers other travel destinations around the globe, all while being a housewife with kids. Her passion for India and helping people experience all it has to offer is one of the reasons why her blog has become so successful over the years.

6. Lasya K Elizabeth - AllTop9.com

Lasya’s blog is all about technology, education, blogging, and creating lists that people want to read. She is an incredibly successful online entrepreneur who has gathered experience through work with Google Adsense, SEO, and online marketing.

She loves working online and has used that passion to grow her site into one that is bringing in the income she needs to keep her business alive and healthy.

7. Tamar Weinberg - Techipedia

Tamar has been working on the internet since the 90s and bills herself as a “killer inbound sales closer.” It’s clear she has a lot of talent, especially when you look at the success of her blog. Her blog has helped her get other side gigs where she works with Small Business Trends, and other companies.

Her blog is focused on technology news that she finds interesting. She also injects a healthy dose of her own input into the subjects she covers.

Final Thoughts

Women are finding huge success as bloggers in all kinds of fields. Whether it’s lifestyle, fashion. Cooking, or even technology, there’s success to be found in every field. Have you started your blog yet? Let us know in the comments!