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4 tips to enhance business visibility on social networks

4 tips to enhance business visibility on social networks

Monday March 26, 2018,

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The terrain of business has evolved from being to area specific to a global setup. This was further helped and catapulted towards globalization by the growth of Internet and power of social media. Today, whatever the location of the business may be, it is available for the whole world to see. Social media is helping the business transition from a physical being to a digital form. The current status of most successful business is somewhere midway and is known as the "phy-gital" phase.


Being a part of the social network is necessary, you need to be aware of the dynamics to establish yourself and be recognized. Failure to do so can come with its consequences. Social network visibility has helped around 60% of the small businesses to gain visibility and establish themselves at a much more consolidated level. Around 75% of the already established businesses are on the internet in different forms, and they have created their electronic imprints.

Strategizing visibility

Being present on the social media in no way means that you should be bombarding your viewer for family fun and probable customers with so much information about yourself that it turns into spam. It means delivering strategized, well-thought-out content that the customers are exposed to at varying intervals. Businesses who spam their customers gain 80% viral visibility but then, within a matter of days it trickles down to only 13%-17%, which is not impactful. Delivering proper SEO content can help multiply sales by more than 50%, as 90% of the times people only click on sites that appear on the first page of their search engines. This is why it is crucial for the business owners how to deal with their contents.

Businesses like Peaden, who belong to service industry can boost their sales by 76% if they target their audience with relevant content. Making proper and prudent use of their social network presence can help increase long-term, customer conversion. Some of the tips that can be followed are:

Get your brand on the social networks

95% of the adults follow a brand that is much talked about on social networking sites, even if they have never used the service themselves. This helps in conditioning the minds of the probable customers to come to you whenever they are in need of the product or the service that is being provided by you.

Collect positive customer reviews and boast

Customer reviews on the social networking sites are important. 71% of your consumers, with access to social media, will recommend you to others if they have had a nice experience with you. So you should focus on delivering the promise.

FaceBook advertising is worth it

FaceBook today boosts of being the nesting ground for around 50 million small businesses, amongst them there are around 4 million who are even paying for advertisements. Their customer penetration is high. There are 2.56 billion global social network users. So you can imagine the outreach your brand can gain. FaceBook alone is responsible for influencing around 66% of the purchasing decisions. So being a service provider, the need to be present on relevant groups on social media can help boost sales!

Be responsive

When a customer posts on social media complaining about your product or service, around 72% of the times they are expecting a response within an hour. This means that you need to be present and responsive. Even if you deal with the issue later, you at least need to respond to acknowledge the issue at hand.