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Have less, be more.

Minimalism:A new lifestyle for entrepreneurs

Have less, be more.

Monday October 03, 2016,

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Did you get a chance to see this new movie based on the life of famous Indian Cricketer, M.S.Dhoni.  It's a good movie. Okay, I am not a movie critic. Though, I believe in taking inspiration from the possible sources. 

But, that is not the reason why I am talking about this movie,here. If you see the first part of the movie, Dhoni's house was a small government quarter ,which was very similar to the one where I spent my childhood. My father also had one bicycle which was his only means of transport to and fro from his office.

CREDIT: http://www.abplive.in/photos/this-is-the-house-where-captain-cool-dhoni-spent-his-childhood-251964

CREDIT: http://www.abplive.in/photos/this-is-the-house-where-captain-cool-dhoni-spent-his-childhood-251964

So, this was my dream till the time,I got my first job,that I will buy all the luxuries which I did not have in my child hood. To quote a few like luxury appliances ,a car and off course own house.

Then what, I started pouring in all my salary to fulfill this childhood dream and to flaunt the capacity to afford among my relatives and friends. Every purchase was going to get posted on social media and likes and comments used to flood in.It was Euphoric. 

But slowly and steadily , my dreams were actually expanding every passing minutes and the chase to make it true made me a puppet of this corporate world.The hunger for better salary seems to be non ending.This led me to fall in trap of credit cycles.My life was only restricted to earning, paying EMI, purchasing more and on and on.

Now, my this new apartment started shrinking due to space occupancy by newest acquisitions.More time and money went in keeping them tidy.My brain was getting tired and was helplessly looking out for a relief.

So, I had more needs, EMI, Stress and less of life.

Then, I came across this cool website, www.theminimalists.com

Wonder! What did I do next? I made the list of items without which I can't live and the ones which I do not use,regularly.I have kept most of my less used items on Sales or on Donation. I have even optimized my daily activities to save more time which can make my life more effective.

The reason why I am promoting this philosophy because all those entrepreneurs who have struggled in their lives to achieve their goals, actually were Minimalists. If you can be a minimalist ,then you can be an entrepreneur as it frees you from fear, worry,depression,guilt and attain real freedom to chase the real dream of solving a life problem,creating something big and become a reason for revolutionary change.

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