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Are you buff ? , here's why women love you

I am fascinated by the upsurge of fitness and beach body ideally everyone wants in this living century.being fitness enthusiast myself i have curated a list of why women/girls love buff duded /bodybuilders

Saturday December 10, 2016,

2 min Read

Women are often considered superficial and are more concerned with appearances than reality so here is a list of 3 reasons why women love men who lifts .

1.Buff dudes make Girls feel safe

It is obvious that 250 pound muscular hunk truly is a Spartan and ladies love men who make them feel protected; it is just how humans are wired. Being with a buff dude a girl stands confident and relaxed that his man can punch off any badass when she stand is trouble. Al though one cannot relate a mma champion with a bodybuilder but a dude who can bench 150 pound is no less danger.

2. Level of commitment

Women love men who are committed, a bodybuilder is a man who is damn committed from his eating to sleeping habits, one must realize the commitment of a man willing to eat six meals a day and head for 1 or two gym sessions per day.

Most of the buff dudes are not sponsored athletes or professionals and most do it as a way to maintain their physique ,stay healthy and half of them to attract chicks

So one can easily understand the level of their commitment.

Women see this commitment and there is no doubt they feel that such a man would always make them happy in real life as well as on bed.

3. They can show him off

A buff dude can be a priceless asset to show off , in this modern 21 century we live in , everyone desires to be healthy moreover be shredded, ladies love materialism whether it is their new purse or their new buff partner