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Top five trends of Android App Development to look for in 2017

If you are an android app development company, you should be pro-active and in knowledge of every sensation entering the app industry.

Top five trends of Android App Development to look for in 2017

Tuesday May 09, 2017,

3 min Read

With every passing year, mobile app is gaining more and more popularity and is taking over the tech world. Cut throat competition have entered in the app world and to survive, user engagement and device interaction are placed at the utmost position. Google is striving hard and inviting talented developers to enter the market and enhance the app business and take it to whole different level.

If you are an android app development company, you should be pro-active and in knowledge of every sensation entering the app industry. Lets have a sneak peek into the top trends of android apps to look for in 2017.

1) Mobile payment

It is estimated that online payment transactions are going to reach the height of $118 billion by the year 2018. This concept of online payment has flourished the market with the advent of Google wallet and Android pay. Google has made its own contribution in the payment easement in the mobile application world by tieing up with Braintree, Cybersource and such other highly dignified payment processors to back up the service integration. The league which are expected to be activated by the current year are Groupon, Domino's, Opentable and several others.

2) Safety feature

We reside in a time when the app store is flooded with uncountable android apps and not to set aside the estimated 1000 apps that enter the race on daily basis. The only feature that the existing app lag behind is of safety and security. According to one of the estimates, it has been quoted that around 50 to 60% of the transactions are going to be dealt with on phones. Are you willing to let your personal details and banking details to leak out? Of course “NO”. Cyber threat and theft is also growing with passing days and hence the app developers are extra cautious and keeping the safety features in the priority segment. Several business stay away from the android apps on the argument of its low encryption facet and easy publishing element which lets any unauthorised user to jump in and access the personal details, breaching the security codes. Container security solutions were enabled which facilitated the users to create seperate working area for the corporate data and personal data.

3) Swift developement tactics

its kind of arduous to cope up with the ever increasing need of apps. IT people have come up with the concept of citizen developer to meet with the high demand and also to walk through the new trend of this industry. Cloud based platforms have been more simplified allowing the tenderfoot coders to contribute their share and cope with the increaing demand.

4) AR

Utility apps might be of great value but if you are looking for the future, AR (augmeted reality) is the target sector. It avails plenty of uses allowing you to have a competitive view of the users along with the virtual images which are computer generated. User interaction and engagement are on the roll with augmented reality apps. AR apps dont limit themselves to entertainment and gaming but spreads its branches in the field of education, GPS, online marketing, instant messaging and location tracking.

5) Small business are at roll

It can be said that small business just got their wings with android application development. Self employed enterpreneurs and small business gets sales hike and also get recognition to their brand name through mobile apps. App development tools and affordability have enabled the small business to mark their online presence and promote their business in the web world with their own app.