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Finding A Special Gift For Your Loved Ones Is Easy With These 5 Gift Ideas

Tuesday November 29, 2016,

3 min Read

We all want to be able to get something nice for our loved ones for Christmas. But sometimes, it can be difficult to know where to start. The 5 great gift ideas below will help you to choose the perfect Christmas present for your friends and family in no time.

1. A traditional hamper

The great thing about this gift is that you can personalise it to suit the tastes of the recipient. If you are shopping for someone with a sweet tooth, for example, you can fill it with their favourite chocolates, coffee syrups and other delicacies. If you have a friend who is vegan or vegetarian and who thus struggles to get the Christmas dinner that they desire, you could make them up a hamper with mushroom pates, nut roasts, dairy free Christmas pudding and plenty of sweet treats. Make sure to choose a beautiful basket for your hamper and to finish everything off with a gorgeous plush ribbon.

2. A glass world map

These stylish world maps made of glass will add a sophisticated touch to any study. They can also be placed in a kids' bedroom as an educational decoration. Choose colourful maps or maps that come in classy sepia tints and make the most of their glass material by lighting the map up from behind for an atmospheric effect. This is such a unique, aesthetically appealing and interesting gift to give.

3. A selection of books

Head down to your local independent book shop and purchase two or three titles that you feel match the personality and the reading tastes of a friend or family member. Every extra minute that you spend choosing a book that will appeal to a loved one will make your gift ever more kind and thoughtful. Write them a little note explaining why you chose these books and they will be able to see instantly how carefully you were thinking about them when you bought their present. Another great thing about this gift idea is that it enables you to support independent creative businesses.

4. Useful kitchenware

Many people really appreciate getting kitchenware for Christmas, particularly when they have just moved house. Tupperware for storing leftovers, a handy new appliance such as a juicer or a blender, or even a set of oven gloves with a cute design on them, will all be welcome gifts. Make sure to do a little research so that you can find out what it is that your intended recipient needs most for their kitchen. If you are visiting them any time soon, for example, this could be a good opportunity to see if they already have a blender or if they are running out of mugs. If you give a recipe book that you know the recipient will love as part of your culinary themed present, then you will make it extra thoughtful.

5. High quality personal grooming products

Luxurious face creams, organic body butters, extra soft shaving brushes and one of the latest perfumes and colognes will always make a great Christmas gift. If someone you know has a moisturiser that they always use, or a scent that they always wear, then getting them another bottle for Christmas can be a lovely gesture.

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