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Tackling Incivilty at Workplace

How to stay away from an In-civil behaviour?

Tackling Incivilty at Workplace

Saturday December 09, 2017,

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If you want people around you to change, then you need to take the beacon in your hand. If you feel someone is behaving not-so-appropriate, do something about it. Here are a few ways in which you can deal with incivility at workplace.

Think out of the box: Think how you can turn the situation around. How the instigator can be countered with consistently good behaviour.

Prepare yourself well: Prepare to convince others to join hands with you in displaying good behaviour. Preparation is often the key to success in any endeavour. Be ready with facts and figures and inspire people toward professionalism.

Find opportunity in adversity: If someone is not behaving appropriately, try to find out the reason behind it. If he was alright and has suddenly become an instigator, there must be a reason. If he was always like that, then how could you channelize his behaviour differently?

Develop the intent: If we want to change the circumstances without wanting to change ourselves, situations will remain the same. Try to alter the instigator’s attitude rather than his behaviour. If there is no humility in a person, asking him to bow his head will never work.

Faith and Patience: These two virtues when practiced together can do wonders in your life as well as in the life of others. Have faith in people and be patient with them. If you can see the good side in people, they usually start behaving according to the way you see them.

Professionalism- What You Must Avoid

There are a few behaviours that are a strict no in a workplace. The best way to maintain professionalism at workplace is to take care of the few don’ts mentioned below:

Don’t blame others for what is your responsibility: It is highly unprofessional to pass on the buck for something that you were responsible for. It only shows your incompetence in the tasks and people lose faith in you.

Don’t find other people’s mistakes all the time: Nobody is born perfect and as I already mentioned “patience is a virtue”. It is not a good idea to nitpick. Rather one should focus on trying to improve oneself.

Don’t involve yourself in office gossip: Poking you nose in other people’s private affairs is only going to eventually get you into trouble and nothing else.

Don’t blind-side an ally- Talk to a person if you have a problem with him or her but back-stabbing or back-biting is not a quality of a professional.

Don’t delegate to avoid working- It is good to delegate tasks for proper management. But your reasons should be good enough. Never delegate tasks to avoid working yourself.

Professionalism is not about your job. It reflects upon your personality and how you do that job. It is important that we remain professional at all times. We are not machines, we are humans and we will indulge in activities that a normal human being does, but we also need to know the limits, the boundaries and the limitations of letting ourselves lose in the workplace. 


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