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5 habits that can improve your work performance

5 habits that can improve your work performance

5 habits that can improve your work performance

Monday August 07, 2017,

4 min Read

Gone were the days when people used to live in caves. Now the world has changed and it certainly asks for the survival of the fittest. The world is growing at lightning speed in every department and with that one has to grow accordingly. Following mentioned are the points which you should keep in your mind to improve your work performance.

Time management: Time management is very important in everyday chores. One has to wake up early in the morning for reaching in time for office. This may sound bad but as a habit this will potentially improve your work performance. Reaching office early also includes the fact that you should prepare your clothes and lunch for the next day. Once you are up early you should give some time to the gym or exercise. This will help you remain active throughout the day. Leaving early for office will save you the frustration of getting stuck in traffic during rush hours. This will also save you the embarrassment of arriving late in the office. You should also try to stay a little late in the office so that you have got no pending for work for the next day. Saving these extra hours will not help you in increasing your productivity but will also help in getting better in your field and become the highest paid worker of the firm. You should also try to complete your tasks in time to buy dissertation.  For this you can also use a timer and try to manage your tasks accordingly. The important thing here is the prioritization of your tasks. You should know which task is important and what is its deadline. Such nitty-gritty should be kept in mind in order to boost your work performance.


Avoid Distractions: There are many distractions in today’s world which will make impinging effect on your work performance. Using social media apps during work is a waste of time. You will waste an ample amount of time just by scrolling up and down or looking at the photos. In some offices people talk about daily news or current affairs. This is also a waste of time. Discussing others should not be your priority. You should remain focused to your goal and keep striving for it. For this you can define some boundaries and abide by it. Once you have minimized distractions you will see a drastic change in your work productivity.


Always keep your goals in mind: We are living in 21st century where we have to run with time and there are a number of distractions that can stray you away from achieving your ultimate goal. In this world, one cannot afford to spend time in useless activities. While you are partying remember this that there is someone who is working hard at that same very moment. Someone is getting smarter and someone is winning. Just remember that. So, one should not stray away from his path, remain determined no matter how many obstacles come in your way. In order to stay on course, create a plan based not only in terms of months but weeks, days and even hours. Before you go to sleep ask yourself what have you achieved today? What mistakes have you made? What obstacles you met head-on? Then plan how you will overcome those hurdles tomorrow to achieve your dream.

Multi-tasking: There is a misconception going on in the minds of number of people today that they think can they can do multi-tasking. It is a skill that is not achieved by everyone nor can everyone do it. If you really want to improve your efficiency at work then try not to do multiple tasks in parallel but rather focus on one task before jumping on to another. Research shows that people who jump from one task to another in multi-tasking have less efficiency as compared to those who work on one task at a time. Every time they switch task, it takes them a couple of minutes to get back in the flow. If you add up these couple of minutes during the course of a day, you will see that there is a great deal of time lost. In order to understand this let’s take a simple example, have you ever tried to hold 2 or more conversations at the same time? You cannot do it effectively and in the process, you will crash both of the conversations.


Delegating your tasks: You should know the domain of your work. The tasks which are not related to your job should not be done by you. It is just a wastage of time and even if you do it you will not get credit for doing it. So, in order to save yourself some time and energy you should delegate such tasks to the concerned individual.