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Wikipedia how-to: making a Wikipedia page for your business

Wikipedia how-to: making a Wikipedia page for your business

Friday August 03, 2018,

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Wikipedia, one of the leading open-source Wiki platforms, has over 20,000 articles published every month. The core essence of Wikipedia is more than being an extensive online encyclopedia. It allows people and businesses alike to make use of its tools and assists them in building a strong online presence.

In today’s time, everything, from our daily routine tasks to corporate affairs have started to become digitalized. For businesses to outweigh their competitors, they need to have a solid presence on the internet at all times. There are numerous ways to drive user traffic towards your business and one such effective way is have a Wikipedia page.

However, millions of business profiles already exist on Wikipedia, so how can yours stand out? You might think creating a page yourself from scratch is easy but that is not the case. Wikipedia pages require more effort and research than any other generic article you find on the web.

Many professionals consider Wikipedia an unreliable source of information but that is not true. For most business owners, the purpose of Wikipedia is not to use it as an information outlet but as a marketing channel. Having the power to always rank in the top 10 search engine pages and allow companies to build an authentic reputation on the internet, Wikipedia has the power to enhance your online personality.

The key to high-quality content is research. If you do not perform enough research, there are high chances of a duplicate article existing on Wikipedia. Topics and descriptions that are alike do not bring valuable SEO results. Your chosen topic should always be unique and must contain external sources as references to prove your credibility.

Despite all these factors, the most important factor is never writing your Wikipedia page yourself. The recommended practice is to find experienced Wikipedia page creation service for hire and let them write the page for you. These writers are experienced professionals who are proficient at what they do.

Although many doubt Wikipedia’s credibility as a reliable information source, it still never falters to act as an influential marketing tool for many. While every online information platform has its disadvantages but Wikipedia’s cons outweigh its pros when it comes to building a notable identity on the internet.