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The changing future of marketing

It is the 21st century and everything around us is changing fast, much part of which is due to rapid changes in technology.

The changing future of marketing

Tuesday August 01, 2017,

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Image Credit: .licdn.com

Image Credit: .licdn.com

It is the 21st century and everything around us is changing fast, much part of which is due to rapid changes in technology. Technology is evolving at a pace faster than ever since the industrial revolution, making the current inhabitants on earth fortunate of being a part of this big change.

One such transforming thing is marketing. Marketing has been a part of the business since a long time and has not witnessed major changes after the advent of early electronic media like television and radio. Although, today with the rise of internet, social media and mobile technology, marketing is undergoing a metamorphosis, thus changing the future of marketing.

Today, every brand needs an in-depth understanding of the buying process and a technology that builds an effective and delightful business interface. The are several contact points in a buying process which are touched by the consumers. New tools are helping businesses to understand the weightage of these contact points making the decision-making process and the buying process clearer than ever. Here is what future of marketing would look like:

From ‘asking’ to micro moments and beyond

It is noticeable that how the way of asking for assistance has evolved through the years. 20 years back it was about inquiring from people about directions, landmarks, references etc., today it is rapidly changing and mobiles are becoming the newest assistants. This act of getting assistance from machines comes to be known as micro-moments. Currently, 20% of the searches made on Google is by voice and this is just the beginning.

A seamless mobile experience

There was a time when a web page on our desktop took a fortune of time, attributing the sluggishness to either slow internet speed or a technical glitch. Well, we bore with the latter one, only because of the fact that, that time internet had not been such an integrated part of our lives as it is today. But today the things have changed and a marketer cannot afford to have a lousy mobile web page as for every second delay in loading a mobile page, 20% drop can hit your conversions. To get a seamless mobile web experience open-source projects like AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are available.

Evolving Advertising through machine learning and automation

It is an age of bespoke solutions and every customer expects a tailor-made solution which suffices his or her needs. To cater to these specific requirements a marketer needs to have a more focused advertising rather than a general one. There are tools developed to optimize campaigns. These tools precisely design a campaign that suits the customer need. It does that by analyzing past campaigns and seeing to what had performed well. The power of machine learning and automation is the next big thing which will set the marketing future.

Tracking the online and offline customer maneuver

Some time back, it was almost impossible to analyze the movements that are measuring the store visits of customers. Without the data like that, it was difficult to understand the exact impact of a campaign and eventually the effectiveness of the campaign in terms of ROI. Today, the store visits could be very well measured with advanced machine learning and mapping technology. One such tool which helps advertisers to measure store visits and hence understanding consumer behavior is Google AdWords which helps in measuring not only the online store visit but the physical visits too.

There are a lot of marketing predictions for future but, the aforesaid are just a few ones as they are evident enough. The evolving technology is changing everything that it is touching and thus changing the way we market our products and services, by making it smooth, convenient, measurable and futuristic.