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My first write up

My internship story 

My first write up

Friday June 16, 2017,

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I am currently pursuing an MBA in a reputed college. It’s mandatory for every MBA student to do an internship. Every student will have an extraordinary imagination about their internship that they will be work as an intern in a high classic company. I am also one of those extraordinary imaginative students. When I got an internship in a start-up company everyone told that you can learn many things and can gain high knowledge. I too glad that got an internship in Start-up Company. When I came to through their website and pages I don’t what they are doing what is their motive to do this business.

When days getting near everyone who is sitting near me got an internship in a highly reputed company I was scared because everybody is having the pride to be an intern for their company. Exams got over, college was closed. I am forced to do my internship I have no idea about an internship? I thought I am the only one who is not fitting for anything I blamed my time, God, everything around me.

On the first day when I enter the company everything was normal but I am very abnormal. First two days after knowing about their whole process. It is an event management company where a small operation process and have less marketing and promotions I have no idea about my project. I thought that everything is over. I don’t know what I want to do. Everybody told me to change the company but that decision was taken very late. All doors are closed to escape from this company. I was very frustrated and worried about my internship. At last, I meet my best friend and he told me

“Everybody will not get everything. When you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems, when you focus on possibilities you’ll find more opportunities to win. If you don’t like something change it if it is not possible to change it, change the way you think. Don’t worry about what happened yesterday or last week, tomorrow is a new day so renew your mind be positive and start a fresh thing. I believe in you nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent you can do it. Think about it.”

I started thinking about what he told, the words repeated in my ears as I seen in cinemas. After a long thinking, I feel that God has shown me a door to get rid of from these problems. Next day I went to office everything that I saw as the bad thing was changed to good things today. Initially, I thought nobody is good but now I am seeing everybody has the knowledge I learned many things from them. I searched many things and started to work for my project. I am going to finish my project successfully. Everybody in the office was sweet they helped me a lot and now I am studying for two online courses, also selected as an ambassador for an NGO.

Today I learned that I am blessed with everything I need. I am happy to work hard towards everything I want and most of all I appreciate and thank God for what I have.