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How can mobile applications leverage your business in 2017?

How about knowing the benefits of it so that you can imply it accordingly?

How can mobile applications leverage your business in 2017?

Monday February 20, 2017,

3 min Read

Do you recollect or remember any day when you didn’t have your smartphone with you? How is the mobile trend affecting the overall technological industry in 2017? In this article, we will discuss the deep and dedicated connection between a mobile application and the business associated with it.

Mobile applications have been pertinent in replacing the website boom since long and all the businesses have figured out the way to deal with it since mobile applications are the best mediator. How about knowing the benefits of it so that you can imply it accordingly?

1. Connects Directly

Every time, there is something new in Flipkart, they have to care and concern about its reach and how they will let their potential users. Now is a totally different case as when a new item or a feature arrives, it comes to your nearest virtual doorstep i.e. Your Smartphone. Great! And what is the source that your smartphone lets you pass that information? Well, it’s obviously your application, the mobile application. It connects directly to your target audience without any hustle or bustle. The businesses find this factor as the most leveraged element in the future trends.

2. Benefits the Brand

Yes, there are different advantages a firm gets because of their mobile applications but out of many, there are few direct benefits which can help an organization know their brand value. The more the number of downloads an app gets, the more prestige it gains. Higher the ratings and reviews, higher becomes the chance of it ranking in the respective app store. With this, the business automatically enhances its profile.

3. Core Competency

Not all the businesses that are establishing every day have mobile application but those who get a seamless app for every smartphone stand out of the crowd. A core competency is a concept in management theory introduced by, C. K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel. It can be defined as "a harmonized combination of multiple resources and skills that distinguish a firm in the marketplace". When you do or have something others don’t, you dominate the market.

4. Human Behavioral Aspect

The ultimate unambiguous ingredient lies behind the success of a company is ‘Human Factor’. This aspect is often ignored because of the technical mindset of the aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders but the truth is that the mobile app should not be annoying and robotic but a human touch accompanied component adds more feathers to the cap.

5. User Friendly

Smart and Sensible efforts are always applauded while the impatient and unproductive are not. Making a simple and unworthy app that doesn’t involve or interact the users in the best personal way lasts short and fall. This lets down the business it is linked up with. The mobile app development companies deal with various categories of clients’ preserving and prevailing their requisites but as a CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile application development company, I consider this factor as the most crucial and necessary to make my clientele happy and contended. 


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