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Unexplored India - next tourist destination

Diverse geography and diverse culture with IT advantage,  makes India the most desirable destination for local tourists.

Unexplored India - next tourist destination

Tuesday November 28, 2017,

4 min Read


Oldest university Nalanda, one of the oldest civilization Indus valley and many more shows, how much we were advance and trendsetter for rest in past. We were known as world Guru, now we are known for copying and following others. We have adopted others languages, others culture and even though others food too. Without self-introspection, we are copying everything from others. Why not we think to get back our ancient glory, where the entire world must follow us? 

Have we ever thought we as Indian go to other countries for tourism, what we get there? Answer unknown people, not our food, not our culture and we make ourselves fool that we went for a tour and had a nice trip. By doing this we make ourselves fool? The enjoyment is not, physical satisfaction, it is soul purification which lasts long and forever for our life. Mahatma buddha left kingdom not to get the physical happiness, he left for getting happiness for the soul, Bhagavan Mahavir Jain and many more famous people lived his life for purification of our soul. 

Those places are still alive in India itself. Where these famous Guru lived their lives, but how many of us know this and how many of us visited these places. Time has come to think about it, we go out of India to get pleasure when though many places are in India where we can get immense pleasure and can discover our rich and diverse culture, different varieties of food. Let us see why not India could be a better destination for tourism?

1. God’s place

India is known as the place of God, where Ram, Budha, Mahavir Jain took birth and showed the path to humankind. Places like Ayodhya, Rajgir, Bodh Gaya will give you peace and fill to be blessed by visiting god’s birthplace.

2. Diverse culture

There is saying in India (known for its diverse culture), “where language and way of living gets changed at every 100 kilometres”. From Kashmir to Kanya Kumari we can find n number of countries if we divide on the basis of language and culture.

3. Varieties of food

Why we go outside India? One reason is to, have different food? If I am correct we get pizza and different western food, which either not for us and not suitable biologically. Instead of this, we can get varieties of food which are fit biologically for us and test wise too in India.

4. Different climate

Most of the countries are having one set of climate or maximum two throughout the calendar year. But in India, there are four main climates across the year. We can enjoy autumn, summer, rain, and winter. This beautiful gift is given by God to India. When few parts of India is having summer, at the same time we can enjoy the winter at Kashmir, Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh and many more places of India.

5. Different geographical places

India is the place where we can find mountain, sea, different rivers, and plain area. No need to go different countries to see different natural beauty, India is blessed by the God to have diverse geography for enjoyment.

6. Rich Architect

India is very rich in architect, most of the countries are having one type of architect, but India is having ancient architect like Minakashi temple in the south, in west Somnath temple, in north Kedarnath temple. India is also having beautiful mogul architect pieces like Lalkila, Tajmahal and many more. India is also having very good western architect pieces like parliament, Victoria memorial and many more.

7. A country of villages

Other countries are known for concrete jungle whereas India is known for its natural sanctuary. Concrete jungle gives a short period happiness to eyes whereas natural beauty gives long-lasting pleasure to eyes and soul. Come to the villages and feel the natural beauty where we can get natural air, natural food and meet innocent people.

8. Athithi Devo Bhava(Guests are God)

India is the country which beliefs in serving guest are serving to God. Indians can be hunger but never let their guest to be hunger. Sabri served tested palm to Lord Ram, the intention was not to serve used food but the purpose was to serve all testy palm to Lord Ram.

No need to go outside if all these beautiful places are available in India with an intention of service to God not business. There are many unexplored places in India, explore it and have a pleasant, unforgettable and have a great experience which will thrill your soul. 

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