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4 pro tips of leaflet design that you must check out before making your own

So many leaflets you see every day, but do you ever remember those? The only reason behind it is- most of the leaflets, that you are handed over, lack creativity and uniqueness. This article is about some tricks of the best leaflet design.

4 pro tips of leaflet design that you must check out before making your own

Friday March 17, 2017,

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An award winning leaflet can let you stay miles ahead from the competitors when it comes to promoting the product. But, unfortunately, designing a perfect leaflet is never so easy. Here are 10 secrets of the best leaflet design. Check these out and know how to stand out from the competition.

Know the purpose:

An excellent leaflet design starts with creating a well thought out brief. Before designing the leaflet, make sure that you have clear idea on what you need to achieve. A perfect brief typically cover the following areas-

➢ Purpose/ objectives:What do you want to achieve through the leaflet? Or what is your expected outcome after publishing the leaflet?

➢ Audience of the leaflet: Who are your target audience?Also know what they like or dislike? Figure out the most appealing ways for presenting your business to them.

➢ Know your USP: There may be many organizations which are offering the same product or same service which you offer. But, at the same time, you obviously have some unique things to offer which the competitors can never do. Think about it and highlight these unique features in your leaflet.

➢ What action you want the viewers to take? Before designing, think what is the reason behind crafting this leaflet? Do you want the readers to take any specific action or you are simply trying to inform customers about your product. If you want the users to visit the official website or your store, note it down.

➢ Where the leaflet will be distributed? The place where you will distribute the leaflet also impacts its design. Depending upon the target audience, decide size and weight of your leaflet.

Once you have answers for all these questions, start designing the leaflet to reach your target.

Keep the AIDA cycle in mind:

AIDA is a quite commonly used acronym in promotions. It represents the list of actions-Attention,Interest,Desire and action which take place after an effective promotional event. When designing the leaflet, especially when designing the headlines, subheads and images, this cycle is worth keeping in mind.

The experts dealing with leaflets design, do the following four tasks before starting the project.

How to get attention of your audience?

It means, know what will catch eyes of your audience the most.

How to raise interest of the audience?

In order to make the audience interested about your products, demonstrate its unique features clearly. Also mention, how do the product will bring value to the customer.

Decide how to enhance desire of your audience?

Prior to start the designing project, decide how to enhance desire of your audience. Present your leaflet to them in such way so that they find it worth keeping.

Tell audience what to do:

If you want the audience to take an action, say place an order for your product, mention it clearly in the leaflet. On basis of your purpose, you can add the content information too.

Make the best first impression:

Remember, your target audience receives an overwhelming number of leaflets everyday and you have to compete each one of these for getting noticed. Thus, according to the top designers, the best leaflet design implies creating a good first impression. Actually, when a leaflet is handed to the user, he or she spends only two seconds to check it. That’s why, it is clear that you will not get a second chance to grab attention of your audience. To get the most out of your leaflet, give maximum importance on improving its impression.The secrets of creating a grand impression among users are-

➢ Create a catchy headline: headline is the first thing that the reader will see the first. Keep it concise and simple. Also make sure that the headline is reflecting your message effectively.

➢ Pay attention to selection of fonts: Selection of fonts in your leaflet determines a lot of things. Use readable fonts so that users do not face any difficulty to go through these. Along with it, also try to make the leaflet stylish at the same time.

➢ Use images and graphics: People pay attention to those leaflets where lots of images is used. Try decorating the leaflet with relevant images and graphics so that it catches eyes of audience.

Keep eye on the design quality:

Design quality of leaflet tells the readers about quality of product or service you are going to serve. Keep eye on both the look and feel when designing the leaflet. If the leaflet looks unprofessionals , the readers will find your business unprofessional too. Usually businesses try to save money when it comes to leaflet design. As a result, you will find most of these leaflets with poor paper, printing or images. Such products actually hamper your brand, instead of promoting it. Thus, avoid attempts to save money by compromising with quality at the time of leaflets design. Instead, invest on quality items to get the best return from leaflet.